The Importance Of Banking Integration In Your Digital Sales

Sales   |   Updated on: 18 January 2024

Home Loan Assistance and Financing is an important feature provided by Real Estate developers as a part of their sales process.
Digital transformation in Real Estate has picked up pace over the last few months. From automating sales & marketing processes to providing a complete online property viewing experience to homebuyers, every possible innovation is being explored by developers. And an essential part of this shift is integrating banking features into sales.

Let’s try to understand banking integration in Real Estate through an example.

The primary idea here is to provide a complete homebuying experience - from search to purchase through one powerful platform. In this case, through an exclusive Real Estate CRM called Sell.Do.

A homebuyer finalizes on a property, negotiates the price, and is all set to make the purchase.

But first, they need to apply for a home loan. Rather than having to separately go to the bank of their choice, they can readily apply for it on the portal or app itself. You would already have a tie-up with the bank for this requirement.


After the loan processing, when it comes to the final purchase of the property, your homebuyers can do so through the online portal or app itself. Again, they won’t have to leave the portal, as the payment will be safely routed through their bank’s payment gateway.

Features of the Real Estate CRM Software to Facilitate Customers

CRM with bank account integration enriches the customer experience by implementing sought-after quintessential financial features, which are as follows:

  1. 360-Degree Financial View

    Banking institutions can access accurate or up to date details about their customers. The customers can easily upload documents without having the requirement to visit banks frequently.

  2. Sales Automation

    With the help of the CRM customer service portal, the sales team remains accessible to prospect, manage, record, and close deals comprehensively.

  3. Contact Management

    Contact management is a crucial feature of CRM inferential processes. It helps to update the customers with the updates and to introduce the latest features to them.

Real Estate CRM Software as a Single Integrated Solution for all Needs

CRM integration in banking streamlines the sales pipeline, improves customer collaboration, boosts productivity, and ensures consistent reporting and customer support. This is a single standard solution for fulfilling customer-centric Real Estate requirements.


Some of the important financial functions that can be streamlined through CRMs include:

This has the integration of multiple payment schedules, accessing flexible payment options, and adding discounts.

  1. Managing multiple schedules effortlessly

  2. Driving the payment recovery options

    Managing customer payment cycles, customer payment records, generating automatic payment reminders, auto cost sheet calculation.

  3. Error-free calculation

    This involves the generation of automatic demand letters, GST calculation, and tax bifurcation.

  4. Managing project cash flows

    This includes payment calculations and generation, due payment collection, and other such tasks.

  5. Establishing Trust in Prospective Home Buyers

    Banking integration into digital sales helps develop trust and builds credibility between the developers and homebuyers. Although home loan assistance is not completely new in Real Estate, it has always been considered rather restrictive due to the limited choice of banks. Through banking integrations, homebuyers can conveniently apply for loans through their existing accounts. Due to more choice in features and the overall convenience provided, developers can exhibit more transparency in the process as well.

  6. Through Banking Integrations in the CRM Tool, Sales Teams can Streamlining the Home Loan Process

    The CRM bank account integration single-handedly manages administrative tasks along with streamlining loan proposals. It keeps homebuyers in the loop so that the process can be completed at the earliest.


It’s evident that banking integrations in the sales process would help the Real Estate industry streamline buying and selling. It has the potential to work wonders for Real Estate developers in speeding up the purchase cycle and establishing credibility in the minds of customers.

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