Importance Of Marketing Automation For Real Estate Business

Marketing   |   Updated on: 09 January 2024

Technology has completely changed our way of living. This new system has affected every industry, ranging from education to healthcare. The real estate industry is no different, and it too has been caught up in this trend of digitization.

In traditional times, the real estate sector was operating with manual efforts. Leads had to be captured via offline means of advertising like word-of-mouth or newspapers, and once a lead became interested, physical site visits had to be managed. For several such leads, their personal details, status, whether follow-ups were required etc. had to all be manually recorded. Furthermore, the various channels of marketing had to be managed, and it was often possible that some leads used to get lost or mismanaged due to the large volumes of data and redundant methods. These old systems have now been completely transformed and simplified by automation.

What Is Marketing Automation:

In simple terms, automation means using technology to make processes or products more convenient for use. Marketing automation specifically means mixing technology with marketing, and using this to streamline the traditional marketing process. In real estate, marketing plays a crucial role since the entire sales cycle of the inventory begins with good marketing. A mismanaged marketing structure can be the downfall of a developer or broker, since it is the starting point of their real estate journey. Hence real estate marketing automation has today become a necessity.

  1. Automation In Real Estate:

    Automation In Real Estate

    The majority of the industry has now shifted to using digitization in its day-to-day operations. The presence of technology in the industry is most seen in the use of real estate CRM software. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and it is a tool that allows a business to be fully updated about consumer interactions with their brand. Along with this, real estate CRM also has automated and simplified marketing, as well as other processes associated with real estate. This automation has enabled the industry to streamline and organize itself, and has resulted in an improvement in its services. Through automation, real estate has been able to serve its consumers better.

  2. Importance Of Real Estate Marketing Automation:

    Current Market Size of Real Estate in India

    Automation has changed the real estate sector for the better. There has been great improvement in the speed and efficiency of the industry. By reducing the time taken in completing lengthy and repetitive tasks, automation has sped up the marketing process and allowed deals to be finalized and executed efficiently. Certain human errors are always involved in tasks that are done manually, even if they are done with extreme care.


    By eliminating this need for manual efforts, real estate marketing automation has made the process highly accurate since technology does not make mistakes. Since marketing today is no longer restricted to a single channel or medium, there is a lot of data that is generated from multiple channels. This data is further divided into various categories of consumers, actions needed with respect to them, particulars of active marketing campaigns etc. Since this data does not remain the same constantly, it has to be updated regularly. This used to cause a lot of inconsistencies in the process. Automation has now changed this, and made marketing processes consistent.

  3. Improved Lead Nurturing Through Automation:

    Current Market Size of Real Estate in India

    Leads in real estate refers to the potential consumers who have shown interest in a particular product. The purpose of marketing is lead generation, wherein people are informed of an available product and they can then inquire about it. For these queries, fast responses are expected. Once an initial contact is made, the lead has to be followed up with and supplied with whatever information they may require regarding the product so as to convince them to make the purchase. This process is called lead nurturing, and it is crucial to convert people from potential consumers to actual consumers.


    The time and resources of most persons engaged in real estate marketing used to be spent in managing communications with leads and keeping track of their progress, but even then, a lot of leads were missed. With automation, lead generation and nurturing has been standardized and this has made marketing more effective.

  4. Strategic Targeting Through Automation:

    Current Market Size of Real Estate in India

    A real estate business does not only cater to one type of consumer. There are people with different backgrounds and requirements who are interested in a common goal- property, but they cannot be attracted with the same type of marketing. Real estate CRM software is a convenient way to record and access all data of potential and existing consumers. With the help of this information, audience segmentation can be easily carried out so that the marketing approach can be personalized for each segment. This strategic targeting will produce more results in marketing, and it can be easily achieved through automation.

Real estate marketing automation can hence help a business in not just one, but in several ways. It is a very important tool in today’s technology-driven scenario. Automation can be done through good real estate CRM, and Sell.Do is India’s only Integrated Real Estate CRM solution. It offers a variety of essential features for real estate stakeholders, and can satisfy all real estate digitization demands.

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