Advantages of using marketing automation in combination with a CRM

marketing   |   23 December 2021

Advantages of using marketing automation in combination with a CRM

The new digital era has created a challenging and competitive environment as a whole in the real estate industry. Real estate sales teams are facing quite a few challenges in this COVID-19 situation, which they need to solve through real estate CRM. Considering the massive overlap between marketing and customer relationship management, CRM Marketing automation software is a must for any industry to keep up with the fast pacing and changing industry norms and trends.

Several factors are considered when there is an overlap between the marketing and customer relationship, such as the firm's size, structure, and way of doing business.

Comparing Marketing Automation With CRM

Comparing Marketing Automation With CRM

Marketing aims to establish a brand and acquire leads who will become engaged and successful customers. The acquisition of a customer is the first half of a customer's journey. This comprises tasks such as providing information, educating the market, generating interest among potential consumers, and determining prospects to demonstrate the goods' value to boost client acquisition. These all can be done with the help of marketing automation at a much faster speed, consistency, and accuracy. These are all the benefits of marketing automation.

On the other hand, customer relationship management is committed to ensuring that consumers get the most value out of their purchases. This is the second half of the customer journey. Sharing information, educating clients, developing connections, and offering support to ensure value realization are everyday tasks in this process. Customers, not prospects, are the focus of Customer Relationship Management. This part of the customer relationship can be delivered through CRM features and benefits like focusing on leakage in leads and sending quicker replies to the client. Overall, the benefits of using CRM software are increasing productivity and efficiency.

Content and communication are the points of intersection between these two individual domains. Both Marketing and Customer Service Management must communicate with prospects/customers and give relevant information on both sides of the journey.

Marketing has developed excellent models for nurturing customers and determining which personas to target with specialized content. Customer relationship management provides excellent models for product education and assistance to ensure that the product's value is achieved.

Both of these functions must take advantage of customer communication and have the chance to provide valuable feedback to the product team on how things are received by prospects and customers.This necessitates a strong alignment between Customer Relationship Management and Marketing regarding approach, content, and communication formats.
Companies can bring their departments together and channelize them around a single consumer focus. To enhance overall organisational performance, Marketing and Customer Service Management can work together to bring the customer's voice to other departments in meaningful ways.

Benefits Of Using Real Estate CRM And Marketing Automation In Combination

Benefits Of Using Real Estate CRM And Marketing Automation In Combination

1. When sales and marketing teams work together, they share common goals and use the same data. However, in addition to their conventional tasks, sales will be held accountable for the ROI of marketing activities, while marketing will be held liable for sales income.

2. Effective communication to customers is consistent. Managing leads using standard lead acquisition tactics can be difficult. A CRM solution gives you the data you need to boost your marketing. CRMs also include some basic marketing features such as email automation and interactions. The information is accurate and consistent. They respond to the customer's needs.

3. More conversions can be brought about since automation will help with the sales pitch; salespeople will also know when to contact leads because of site tracking. This function aids salespeople in identifying the best prospects for a contract. Using built-in criteria, a real estate CRM classifies leads as high, medium, or low priority. Your sales teams would know who to attend to first at any given time if you did it this way.

4. Transparency in the process, as both teams are well-versed on the qualifications for qualifying leads. In addition, understanding the variables that characterize and affect distinct categories of customers allows teams to understand the patterns and behaviors that drive their purchases more effectively, and they can help each other close deals and manage relationships.

5. The sales team will know which leads to pursue first, thanks to automated lead scoring based on the leads' activity. The combined analytics from the two technologies create more comprehensive consumer profiles, allowing for improved targeting and profiling. Social media engagements, Web activity, and email campaigns are all sent back into the CRM, allowing agents to identify which channels work best for their specific accounts.


Sell.Do is a leading integrated CRM marketing automation software. It helps the Real Estate industry grow in sales, marketing, and customer relationships. The CRM features and benefits that Sell.Do offers with its solutions are:

• Customer Segmentation:

This feature of Sell.Do allows segmenting the customers automatically, eliminating the errors and challenges that arise out of manual labor.


• Marketing Analysis:

Insights are at the heart of all marketing activities; however, they are unique across industries. What works on one case may not work on another, and what attracts some buyers may not appeal to others. Sell.Do's multi-channel attribution and full-funnel marketing attribution capabilities provide a holistic view of your marketing activities, allowing you to enhance your ROI with ease.

• Fast Bulk Marketing:

Real Estate businesses no longer need to burden their sales employees with text messages or mass emails. Our advanced Real Estate CRM Software solution handles these tasks to allow your employees to focus on more productive tasks.


At Sell.Do, we believe that the Real Estate industry needs a compelling intersection of marketing and customer relationship to function at optimal capacity. Our integrated solution offers precisely that, using state-of-the-art technology to automate marketing and CRM to help you scale your Real Estate business to new heights.

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