Performance Management Challenges In The Real Estate Sector

CRM   |   Updated on: 18 January 2024

In any business, performance management plays a crucial role in KPI management. Performance management deals with the appropriate allocation of the skilled and experienced workforce for a particular role and the monitoring and analysis of team, process, and campaign performances.

Like many other business domains, implementing performance management systems is also increasing in the constantly changing Real Estate business. As the real estate sector competition increases, so does the need for increased efficiency, which is possible through an assessment and optimisation of key performance areas

In this era of digitisation, Real Estate CRM software can help in tracking performance management. A CRM software aims at addressing the sales and marketing functions with ease and efficiency while also aiding in the search for the perfect match for a client's property needs. It also assists the users in customizing the system for business growth. If you are a part of a large Real Estate company, you are likely to know about the large amount of data that your company generates and the significant number of processes that running the company involves. You likely hire an appreciable number of employees, each of whom has a decent daily workload. Given the same, it can be not easy to monitor performance and manage expectations in such organizations.

This is where Sell.Do comes into the picture. Sell.Do is a Real Estate CRM software that is capable of playing a significant role in several processes involved in the daily operation of a Real Estate organization. From sales automation to inventory management and from marketing automation to security considerations, Sell.Do has features encompassing the vast majority of factors that make a Real Estate organization click.

Among the major features of Sell.Do is the fact that it has a dedicated performance management feature. Sell.Do is equipped to fully aid your organization in the various processes that performance management involves, including Sales Performance Measurement, Territory Management, Campaign Performance, and Field Force Tracking. Let us take a look at how Sell.Do helps your company succeed in each of these aspects.

Benefits of the Performance Management System

  1. Sales Team Performance Management

    Using Sell.Do, you can set realistic and ambitious targets for your sales team to aspire to. Using custom dashboards and scores of other elements on its characteristic intuitive UI, Sell.Do doubles up as much more than a simple Real Estate brokering software - it helps you manage the performance of your sales team and provide each of your team individualized recommendations and feedback regarding their work on the field.

    Additionally, Sell.Do makes it extremely easy for you to continuously track the achieved performance of the team and compare it against the target you have set for them. These targets can also be regularly recalibrated in line with the previous performance of the employee or team in question. You can track the daily calling performance of each of your sales personnel and easily use previous data to forecast your sales. Daily call tracking allows you to collect data regarding the efficiency of your sales employees and recommend ways that this metric may be improved over time.

  2. Territory Management

    Territory Management is among the most essential aspects of Real Estate. Through Sell.Do, it becomes possible to track the performance of your team, as well as sales metrics, across different territories and jurisdictions.

    The greatest feature of territory management using Sell.Do is the translation of the offline hierarchy and reporting mechanism to the online Real Estate CRM portal as well. You can create business hierarchies in Sell.Do even if they are extremely complex and include aspects such as cross management. Custom access control can be enabled for each role in Sell.Do.

    With Sell.Do, the reporting of data is completely automated which allows you to control access to it based on roles and hierarchies. You can get aggregated reports of your different teams as well as individual performance reports of your employees.


    Real Estate teams are typically developed on the basis of territory and geographical domain and Sell.Do understands this fact, developing on its portal the capability to track the performance of teams and individuals according to the territories that they are operating in. Territory-level reporting is also automated, enabling you to monitor the performance of campaigns and teams in different territories continuously. This will also allow you to design campaigns customized according to regions and territories.

  3. Campaign Performance Analysis

    The key to your sales lies in the campaigns that your sales and marketing teams initiate. All campaigns need to be planned and thought through comprehensively before they are implemented on the ground. Essential metrics for any campaign include its reach as well as the efficiency it was able to achieve with respect to the intended target.
    The performance of your marketing campaigns can be analyzed effectively through the use of Sell.Do. This is another manner in which Sell.Do acts as much more than a regular CRM Software. You can continuously track the performance of your campaigns by comparing metrics against targets. At every step of the implementation, this Real Estate CRM solution allows you to determine key performance metrics so that you can find out which step the campaign might be faltering at, and make recommendations accordingly.

    Another USP of Sell.Do is that the impact and reach of your digital campaigns can be measured on the go. Through integration with your business accounts on Facebook and Google, real-time tracking of posts can be enabled, allowing you to take corrective measures and reach the greatest audience possible.

  4. Field Force Tracking

    As a Real Estate company, it is essential for your field agent to understand that they are your representatives to your customers, and hence are accountable for their actions. You can increase the accountability of your agents through GPS-based tracking enabled by Sell.Do. Using GPS-based OTPs, it is possible for you to verify the site visit of a customer. Additionally, you can also take daily reports from your field agents and reconcile these with GPS and visit data generated through the Sell.Do Real Estate Broker CRM platform. This also makes it possible to verify the performance of your sales team and reduce the possibility of misconduct. Using these GPS-based solutions enabled by Sell.Do makes sales performance management much simpler.

  5. Sales Forecasts and Specific Leads Targeting

    Performance management metrics available for measurement and tracking in Sell.Do enable for efficient decision making through sales forecasts and leads targeting. Based on the sales data collected through the portal, companies can forecast sales for the immediate term as well as the long term and have infrastructure and personnel in place accordingly. Similarly, given the vast amount of leads data that Sell.Do generates, you can target individual leads and improve your chances of lead conversion significantly.


Regardless of which sector or domain you work in, performance management is essential as a tool for decision-making and optimization. Through performance management, you can determine key improvement areas in various departments of your company and improve the performance of these departments as well as the sales of your company. Sell.Do provides the right tools that enable you to track and manage the performance of your staff, activities, and decisions.

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