Salesforce Or Sell.Do? A Comparison Of The Better Solution For Real Estate Sales

CRM   |   Updated on: 18 January 2024

Salesforce is the go-to CRM solution for businesses worldwide. Besides helping companies engage and interact with customers, it also assists them in reaching out to their prospective leads. But does this mean that Salesforce is the ideal CRM software for all business types? For example, if you are in the Real Estate business, how your customers engage with your company is entirely different from any other business type.
The same customer might be checking numerous listings on your platform, and be on different stages of their journey all at the same time. So, how do you map them using traditional CRM software? The recent trend in the real estate industry is to adapt to a customized real estate CRM software, which is designed to cater to industry-specific needs.

As the tool is designed keeping in mind the unique business model, your business would benefit from its use. Are you not convinced? Read on in this blog. We have tried to discuss the best CRM solution for the real estate industry by drawing a comparison between Salesforce and Sell.Do to help you decide what works best for your business model.

What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce is online software that lets businesses be more efficient by managing their sales, service, marketing, and support requests. This software is all-inclusive and can make managing customer interactions much more accessible. It's simple to learn and adopt. You will have to train your team using the tutorial on Trailhead to get started with Salesforce. Based on the tutorials, you can decide if it will work for your business. It is vital to have a system that can keep track of leads, create a CRM, and automate reports for your business.

What is Sell.Do?

We, at Sell.Do , are a CRM solution built exclusively for Real Estate companies. As a dedicated Real Estate CRM, Sell.Do delves deep into the problems faced by professionals and offers solutions specific to your needs. With everything from marketing, lead generation, sales management, and other CRM solutions integrated into one platform, we offer you a comprehensive, customizable CRM solution for your Real Estate business.

As Sell.Do is designed exclusively for the Real Estate industry, you do not have to spend a dime customizing it for your business. This may help you save over 85 percent on your CRM personalization and implementation costs. Although we have developed this solution with a team of renowned industry experts, you do not have to be one to operate it; our simple plug-and-play process ensures that your CRM experience is as straightforward as it is effective.

  1. CRM / Lead Management

    2. CRM / Lead Management

    Salesforce acts as your one-stop platform for lead management , configurable pipeline management, team management, full hierarchy management, and offers numerous custom fields.
    However, Sell.Do simplifies your task further by providing you with a 1-click property portal integration and auto lead capture. These when combined with other lead management features ensure that your sales team does not miss out on any leads.

  2. Omnichannel Communication

    3. Omnichannel Communication

    Digitization and omnichannel presence is the key to any successful business in this day and age. Your customers are trying to reach you through multiple platforms and expect you to be available 24*7. Salesforce offers a host of features that let you implement an omnichannel experience with the help of third-party vendors.


    With Sell.Do, you can integrate cloud telephony with IVR, enable complex routing and intelligent sticky routing, a full call center software, toll-free numbers for India and International calls, integrated SMS and short-code support, live chat support system, integration with chatbots, etc. Besides that, you can also set up an automated outbound dialer, email communication with delivery, open, click tracking, WhatsApp For Business Support, and much more. In short, you would save your business a lot of money, time, additional training, and a possible data threat with Sell.Do

  3. Marketing Automation

    4. Marketing Automation

    An effective CRM solution has to be one where you can automate all your marketing campaigns seamlessly. Sadly, Salesforce requires you to pay a hefty price for each of the automation services it offers. Besides that, your team might require Pardot training and certification to be familiar with the services. Sell.Do, on the other hand, offers numerous marketing automation services for free. As the platform is easy to learn and use, your team would get to work instantly rather than spending their time on training programs.

  4. Post-Sales

    5. Post-Sales

    The customer journey does not end with the sale. Engaging the customers with constant communication in demand generation letters, upgrades, receipts, and payment reminders can be made seamless with Sell.Do's customized Real Estate CRM platform. Your team does not have to switch through multiple platforms and dashboards to have access and communicate with the customer.

  5. Reporting and Dashboard

    6. Reporting and Dashboard

    A reporting dashboard with data visualization and access to all reports and data in one place is the key to a productive team. Both Salesforce and Sell.Do offer these features. But to avail of these features on Salesforce, you will have to subscribe to an add-on plan. With Sell.Do, you do not have to shell out a bomb on Sell.Do as all the elements come bundled with the platform.

  6. Customer Management

    7. Customer Management

    Provide your customers with a unified platform to manage their online payments, books, discounts, referral programs, and raise tickets. Salesforce uses a third-party vendor to provide this solution. This means you will have to pay an additional price to avail of this feature. Engaging their customers with a unique and personalized dashboard is a great way to enhance the customer experience. Sell.Do let you do this at no additional cost.

  7. Mobile App

    8. Mobile App

    Customers interact with businesses using mobile apps more than they use websites. Salesforce requires a third-party subscription which increases your costs and could put your customer's data at risk. Sell.Do provides you with a free-of-cost Andriod and iOS app along with OTP verification, inventory management, and GPS tracking.

  8. Data Security

    9. Data Security

    Both Sell.Do, and Salesforce has an ISO 27001 Certified Data Security and Compliance solution. However, Sell.Do alone ensures that your customer data is entirely protected by providing camouflaged communication with the customer information available only to the admin.
    Besides these features and advantages, Sell.Do also lets you automate your sales process, enables channel partner management, and maintains a product inventory at no additional cost. All the features are available on one unified platform and require little to no training. You would be saving a lot of cost and person-hours.

Salesforce vs Sell.Do: Which CRM is Best for You?

As you can see, both Salesforce and Sell.Do offer unique capabilities when it comes to managing sales and marketing operations. Ultimately, choosing which is right will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

Although Salesforce is a worldwide name and caters to a wide variety of organizations, you will need to customise it as per your real estate business, which would contribute to more financial investment. On the other hand, Sell.Do offers you the same competencies without additional expenditures and is tailored made for the real estate industry. Not to mention, it is developed by industry experts and veterans.

Hence, when it comes to a real estate CRM, Sell.Do is the ultimate solution for developers, brokers, and businesses alike.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a CRM solution that caters to the specific needs of your Real Estate business, is for you. As the tool was designed and developed by Real Estate professionals, it needs no additional customization. Our CRM tool understands your challenges, offers customized solutions, helps you build seamless customer journey experiences, and close sales efficiently.

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