Why Is Cloud-Based Calling Important In Boosting Real Estate Sales?

CRM   |   Updated on: 10 January 2024

Investment in a Real Estate property, especially a home, not only involves a huge amount of one's earnings but is also an emotional investment. Building a home is a dream come true for everyone, and hence, a little personal touch of assistance, while deciding to buy a dream property, can do wonders in getting buyers interested.

Here, the role of a good Real Estate CRM software can change the game for a Real Estate company. The need of the hour is to capitalize and utilize their features productively to boost sales. A CRM call center can streamline and structure direct interaction with prospective buyers for a Real Estate company, and thus convince them to vest their faith and interest in their products.


The Real Estate industry deals with one of the most basic necessities of life, that is, owning a home of your own. Being a very sought-after industry with an emotional element attached to it, initiating one-to-one calls with customers and leads can prove rewarding.
The primary reason for this is that clients connect and communicate more comfortably with a real person than a voicemail to answer all their queries relating to everything in connection to the property they want to invest in.

Right from knowing about the structural details to the legalities involved, hiring an integrated call center with cloud-based telephony solutions can reap positive benefits and boost your sales remarkably in the long run.

Real Estate buyers need to be reminded and kept in the loop constantly through telecalls and follow-ups. With the festive season around the corner, it is the period when people want to invest and move into a new home since it is an auspicious time to step towards success and prosperity. Hence, arranging cloud telephony as a part of a Real Estate CRM solution is the need of the hour, to boost sales figures and close deals.

What is cloud telephony and how does it help in smooth and seamless call routing?

What is cloud telephony and how does it help in smooth and seamless call routing?

Cloud telephony, or cloud calling, is a phone system that runs through the internet connection and is hosted by a third party, outside of the company using them. It is a boon for business realtors and an important feature for promoting smooth and seamless follow-ups through call routing.

How is cloud telephony helpful in the Real Estate CRM?

How is cloud telephony helpful in the Real Estate CRM?

Cloud telephony is a much-needed feature that every Real Estate business should initiate through a call center CRM integration team. Here are its benefits:

  1. Centralized virtual number:

    Real Estate ventures that operate from multiple locations find it extremely cumbersome to maintain separate phone numbers for separate destinations. In such scenarios, a centralized virtual number works like a blessing in disguise at various stages of processing a lead- starting from receiving inquiries and personal interaction with prospective buyers, to finally closing the deal. Hence, a CRM call center with cloud-based telephony is the right solution to all these rigmaroles.

  2. Minimum lead loss:

    The best way to interact with your prospects is through cloud telephony. Even in the absence of a sales agent, the innovative and unique cloud-calling features enable auto-recording of customer details which can be reverted and pursued at a later date. This results in minimal disruption and no lead loss.

  3. Interactive voice response:

    Through IVR (interactive voice response) is an advanced technology feature that permits human voice to interact with the customer. The best part about this aspect is it responds to interested buyers round the clock, beyond working hours when the physical sales team is not available to answer the calls personally.

  4. Live call transfer and direct interaction:

    There are times when customers want to interact with the manager to know more details about the property and other related concerns. In such situations, the live call transfer feature of cloud-based telephony enables direct interaction through easy call transfer, without having to disconnect or call back later.


Choosing the right CRM in the Real Estate industry

Choosing the right CRM in the Real Estate industry

Providing a one-in-all and an all-in-one solution for all your cloud-based telephony solutions, Sell.Do is just the right Real Estate CRM software for any Real Estate company to invest in. It brings all your marketing automation requirements for your Real Estate business under a single umbrella. As for the cloud telephony services, it:

  • offers an integrated call center for your business
  • allows all local and international calling facilities
  • has WhatsApp, SMS, and other related features as well.

Final Take

The contribution of cloud telephony to the real-estate sector is beyond explanation. Its dynamic scalability reaches out to a much wider audience as compared to the other conventional systems of calling. However, selecting the most appropriate CRM software, that can manage your CRM call center as well, is the trick to success. Sell.Do has proven its worth over time and again, in every way possible, and is undoubtedly one of the best in the industry for all your Real Estate CRM software needs.

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