Choosing The Right Cloud-Telephony Solution For Real Estate

Sales   |   Updated on: 18 January 2024

Real Estate is a people-centric business, requiring two-way communication between sales teams and prospects throughout the journey. Sales executives help prospects in buying and selling homes, and their behaviour and communication skills can significantly impact the closure of the deal. According to the research, sales executives with poor communication skills find it difficult to explain the product effectively, harm sales and reduce the efficiency of the operations.

Seeing the importance of communication, you must deliver a consistent message across various channels through an omnichannel approach. Omnichannel communication refers to offering an integrated experience to prospects through multiple channels by aligning messages and objectives across each channel. This approach offers a quality experience to prospects, no matter what channel they use to engage.


Yet, not all communication channels deliver the same quality result. Of all the modes of communication, the one with the highest impact on prospects is Voice Communication. Voice mode helps bring prospects and developers closer, aiding in understanding the requirements better and determining the complexity of the solution required.

Voice Communication helps in maintaining unified communication with prospects in the following ways:

  • Helps in understanding the perspective of your buyer
  • Gather requirements first-hand
  • Maintain relationship with existing customers as well as build with new ones
  • Provides prospects with the best services and gets their instant feedback.
  • Enhances business offerings

Voice mode helps you stay in touch with prospects, whether it’s day or night- answering their queries and making them feel valued. The informal relationship you develop with clients through this mode helps them keep the relationship strong throughout the funnel.


To improve voice communication between sales teams and prospects, technologies such as Cloud telephony have been a big boon. The solution provides innovative ways of managing customer calls and SMS without any need for other infrastructure, unlike traditional business telephone services. Developers don’t have to bear additional costs to use the cloud telephony services, including an IVR, a setup like a call centre, call recording, and much more.

Below are some of the benefits of cloud telephony technology in the Real Estate sector:

  1. Call centre

    Call centre

    Small scale businesses get access to call centre features by paying a subscription, which provides better efficiency and customer experience.

  2. Easy scalability

    Easy scalability

    The number of call connections can be easily scaled during the peak business period.

  3. Easy upgradation

    Easy upgradation

    Cloud telephony solution offers easy upgradation to the latest version with minimum hassle and investment.

  4. Analytics


    It provides the essential points of analytics and reports, which further helps in making vital business decisions.

  5. Call centre distribution

    Call centre distribution

    It helps businesses manage different call centres across various places from a centralised location.

These cloud telephony solutions help developers in streamlining their business, integrating this technology with Real Estate CRM has been a game-changer for the Real Estate sector. CRM in the Real Estate industry provides end to end support to businesses throughout the sales funnel and helps enhance the company’s relationship with existing and future customers. Integrating cloud telephony with Real Estate CRM software allows your sales teams to offer better services to prospects and manage and nurture leads effectively through various campaigns.

Below are some of the advantages of integrating CRM in Real Estate industry with a cloud telephony system:

  1. Contact Data management

    Contact Data management

    It assists sales teams in lead management to give relevant suggestions to prospects over the call, understanding their background and personal choices. The CRM software database can capture prospects’ info, which Real Estate agents can use for proactive solutions.

  2. Improved Tracking System

    Improved Tracking System

    Considering customer’s preferences and hectic calendar, you can use Real Estate CRM to schedule automated calls with prospects. This is a big help for teams. Rather than personally tracking the prospects, they can utilise the time saved to access the system’s data and offer a personalised experience.

  3. Increase in efficiency

    Increase in efficiency

    The integration saves a lot of time and effort as you can search for a customer's profile before advancing customer communication.

  4. Personalised customer care

    Personalised customer care

    Integrating cloud telephony in CRM provides businesses with omnichannel communication support in managing prospects. It assists you at various mediums like social media, emails, chatbox and calls. Through this integration, the flow of information is seamless where all the communications taking place can be updated in the database and accessed with the help of one single account.

  5. Detailed call analysis

    Detailed call analysis

    The integrated system captures the entire communication that has taken place between developers and prospects in the database, along with other info such as call time, the volume of calls, missed calls etc. You can then use this information to generate reports and analyse the situation with the prospect. These detailed call analyses are quite handy for developers for offering solutions to prospects that suit their needs.

Sell.Do Real Estate CRM software makes customer experience seamless at every step of the journey. The CRM software powered by Sell.Do comes up with an inbuilt cloud telephony solution that provides your business with an edge over your peers. It helps streamline the entire business operations and assists in offering a solution to customers in real-time.

So, if you are looking for integrated CRM software that offers a voice communication solution, contact Sell.Do today.

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Pleasant post, Thank you for sharing profitable data. I appreciated perusing this post. The entire blog is extremely pleasant discovered some well done. Thanks for sharing...

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Manini posted almost 3 years ago

Is there a solution that offers in-built cloud telephony for Real Estate?

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Yes. Sell.Do offers integrated call center feature for local and international calling - almost 3 years ago

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