How Crucial Is Marketing Automation For Real Estate?

Marketing   |   Updated on: 23 January 2024

You run an ad for a new property listing on various channels and find your mailbox flooded with responses from interested prospects. Your advertisement has been a success and has helped you in getting the attention of so many customers. Yet, you are too busy to follow up with these prospects as you have pending tasks to finish such as submitting contracts on time, updating the information of leads in the database, and reconnecting with existing customers. Often in such a scenario, you end up losing the prospect to rival Real Estate businesses.


The above instances are typical cases in the lives of sales executives and can hamper their business growth. But fret not. There is a respite for them - a Real Estate CRM with integrated marketing automation. Whether you want to send personalized messages through automated emails, schedule posts on various social media channels, reorganize marketing activities or increase customer engagement, everything can be managed effectively through marketing automation for Real Estate. The tool has been a big help to the sales teams in streamlining their marketing plans and expediting the entire execution process throughout the funnel.

While marketing automation tools help developers attract prospects and generate buzz about the product, they can use Real Estate CRM software to help with the business’s sales side. This tool allows their sales teams to nurture the leads throughout the sales funnel, offer a 360-degree view of prospects, capture their information in the database, and assist sales executives in closing the deal.

Using a tool that offers the combined functionality of marketing automation and Real Estate CRM can significantly benefit businesses. The CRM marketing automation software can help the marketing and sales team work in cohesion, bringing them on the same page and aligned on the common goal of converting customers. The tool can assist in various marketing functionalities that might help deliver quality leads to the sales team.

With marketing automation software, developers can increase their engagements with prospects and save time on various day-to-day tedious activities.


Benefits of marketing automation in Real Estate CRM software:

  1. Lead funnel

    Lead funnel

    The success of a Real Estate agent depends on the ability to attract and manage new leads. Sales executives can segment and rank the leads based on their information captured in the database through this tool. Appropriate content is then shared with these segmented leads through automated emails to nurture them further. When the lead reaches maturity level, then they are assigned to a sales rep for further action. In a nutshell, CRM marketing automation software allows sales teams to move leads through the marketing and sales funnel effectively.

  2. Setting drip campaigns

    Setting drip campaigns

    Email marketing is an essential aspect of the Real Estate business as it enables developers to create personalized campaigns for prospects and capture their responses through call-to-action features. Once salespeople receive the email address of prospects through lead magnets, online forms, events, they can create a drip campaign through Real Estate automation software. In this campaign, one can send prospects ten or more emails at regular intervals over the next few weeks, highlighting various property features and ensuring they always remain as the prospects’ preferred brand.

  3. Running paid ads

    Running paid ads

    Developers can target paid ads on the online channel to capture the prospect’s attention. They can use tools such as marketing automation to generate ads against the property listed. These ads are targeted towards interested prospects, with their response captured in the database for further nurturing. The tool also enables developers to analyze ads’ success ratio and create a report based on marketing performance.

  4. Increase social media engagement

    Increase social media engagement

    While most sales teams are comfortable on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they don’t get enough time to use it and engage with prospects. They may often use social media to post pictures of new properties or share upcoming events but don’t necessarily use it to engage with prospects. Tools such as marketing automation can help sales executives create and schedule upcoming posts on social media, and capture info on engagement with prospects on each post.

  5. Creating landing pages

    Creating landing pages

    Landing pages are standalone pages designed to funnel the traffic with a specific goal for a marketing campaign. Whenever a prospect clicks an ad or an email link, they are redirected to a landing page, where developers can showcase their product and highlight offers. These pages act as an excellent source of lead generation through filling forms and even gauge an ad campaign’s results. Marketing automation tools can help build personalized landing pages, market multiple products through specifically targeted content, and capture prospects’ responses in the database.

Sell.Do offers a state of the art CRM software that takes care of all the needs of developers and their sales teams. The tool enables them to manage various marketing and sales activities, ensuring the prospect is nurtured effectively through every stage of the funnel. If you are looking for such a tool to grow your business and get ahead of your peers, contact Sell.Do today!

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Aparna posted almost 3 years ago

Marketing automation is a must for all Real Estate brands. Big or small!

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Hiren posted almost 3 years ago

Does marketing automation help with lead capturing?

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Absolutely. Sell.Do's marketing automation feature automates lead capturing from multiple online sources and portals. - almost 3 years ago

Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Sapana posted almost 3 years ago

How does a Real Estate CRM software help with marketing automation?

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A software like Sell.Do can enable end-to-end marketing automation with features like auto lead-capture, omni-channel communication, easy integration with analytics platforms and more - almost 3 years ago

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