Why Post-Sales Management Is Important In Real Estate?

Sales   |   Updated on: 10 January 2024

Real Estate sales involve an array of tasks, right from preparing the sales listings to closing deals. In between, the realtors will have to deal with a plethora of management chores. That’s why good Real Estate CRM Software is highly preferred for simplifying business tasks.

Being a part of Real Estate sales, one needs to spend a lot of time converting the leads into customers. And that’s not the end of the task. As soon as the real estate executives are finished serving one customer, they have to gear up to coordinate with the new one.

Regardless of the years of experience in the real estate industry, the struggle to deliver the best customer service to clients continues. Right?

What if the sales experts are equipped with a tool that is specially designed for the Real Estate domain? How about having a tailor-made CRM tool to manage all post-sales tasks?

With Sell.Do Real Estate CRM; agents can email, SMS, or call their customers post-sales to build a relationship. It enables agents to communicate with the clients about any questions they might have about the property they recently purchased.

In today’s technologically advanced era, communication is nearly free, so why stingy about conveying a message?


Post sales management is crucial for many reasons. Not only do the clients feel valued, but they keep coming back for future property deals. Let us have a look at why post sales service is important in the real estate business.

  1. Listening to The Customers is Important to Gain Loyalty

    Listening to The Customers is Important to Gain Loyalty

    Buyers invest nearly three-fourth of their wealth in the real-estate sector; they deserve a quick reply.

    Customer queries are inexorable. The time that a business takes to respond to the customer query influences their perception of the brand. So, the faster the business responds, the better. Post-sales inquiries are even more critical as they’re all about valuing the clients.

    CRM allows the agents to stay connected with the customers, even if they are not present physically, to answer calls, messages, or emails. A good Real Estate CRM Software allows sharing a personalised message with the client.

    Saying “Someone from our team will reach out to you soon” is always better than not replying back to the customer’s email. Configurable auto-responders allow keeping the customers informed about one's availability and that the concerned person will respond back at the earliest possible time.

  2. Manage Client’s Documents for Quick Access Post-Sales

    Manage Client’s Documents for Quick Access Post-Sales

    Being a Real Estate executive means one has to deal with a lot of documents. With a well-designed CRM system, it is possible to say no to paperwork and keep all the client’s documentation in one place. A good CRM knows the importance of after sales service and allows for easy management as well as fast access to data when required.

    With proper document management, the Real Estate firm can avoid facing consequences that may arrive from lost contracts or other legal documents. Availability of documents at one centralised location helps managing leases, applications, and other property records in the best of time.

    Once a sale is closed, the realtors need to manage documents to streamline their business processes while staying compliant with regulatory guidelines. Storing documents effectively plays a vital role in post sales management as it reduces clutter and allows more workspace.

  3. Prevent Payment Delays with Timely Notifications & Reminders

    Prevent Payment Delays with Timely Notifications & Reminders

    Realtors often need to handle multiple payment schemes with different payment schedules altogether. Since customer meetings and property excursions take up a huge proportion of time, tackling invoices might seem difficult.

    Sell.Do is a responsive Real Estate CRM that allows keeping a tab on the payments and other expenses. With a variety of payment options, the sales team can select the right scheme and schedule from a dropdown list.

    Timely payments are critical to ensure smooth business management in the Real Estate arena. With pre-approved payment schemes, the entire invoicing and billing process becomes flawless and time-efficient.

  5. What Can A CRM Do for A Real Estate Business?

    The short and straight answer is that a good CRM can make things systematic for realtors as it understands the importance of after sales service. Sell.Do can automate the business tasks for enhanced productivity and driving better sales. Let’s have a glimpse of the tasks a CRM can perform:

    • Manage multiple opportunities to communicate with the clients and ensure transparency in the sales pipeline.
    • Setting up manual reminders looks outmoded, and why waste time when the CRM can schedule it effortlessly.
    • Increase employee productivity and surge revenue by automating the business processes.
    • Configure payment schedules while keeping the payment process simple for the clients.
    • Manage and customise the cost sheets as per project to meet the individual budgeting requirements at various levels.
    • Make required changes to the agreement documents as per the business-client interactions to maintain clarity.
    • Stay in touch with the customers digitally via emails, SMS, WhatsApp, or calls to keep them informed with relevant information and post sale services.
    • Deliver seamless customer journey throughout the sales process right from the open house meetings to finalising the purchase deals.

Wrapping Up

Real Estate is becoming a rapidly evolving industry; realtors need to leverage technology in their daily business processes. Though acquiring leads, nurturing them for conversions in the best interest of the customer is important, maintaining post-sales relationships is equally crucial. Sell.Do, a custom-designed Real Estate CRM Software, is designed by industry experts to simplify and streamline Real Estate operations. Not only it helps to generate leads but also empowers Real Estate agents to stay up-to-date with organised information post-sales.

Sell.Do can manage sales, post-sales operations and allows managing the current and future leads by designing a robust Real Estate marketing campaign. What’s more, it enables real estate agents to stay in touch with their clients after property deals to deliver an excellent experience and build a unique brand identity.

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