5 Benefits Of Using A Mobile Real Estate CRM

CRM   |   Updated on: 23 January 2024

For a Real Estate business, managing prospects and clients is critical to success. Therefore several companies have invested in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to accomplish their business goals and sales targets without compromising customer experience and satisfaction.

However, given recent technological advancements in mobile devices, especially tablets, the Real Estate sector should consider utilizing the enhanced functionality of mobile Real Estate CRM software solutions. Mobile Real Estate CRM solutions, designed exclusively for smartphones and tablets, have transformed sales and marketing operations over the last few years. Mobile CRM software enables sales executives to provide excellent customer service with the utilization of real-time data.


According to Statista reports, with the rapid launching of innovative mobile devices and tablets every day into the market, the Internet traffic via these new devices is rapidly increasing. Thus, providing mobile-first platforms to the customers is proving to be handy for realtors to boost visibility online, track work progress, embrace mobile communication not only through calls but also via text, instant messaging, social media channels, etc.

What are the benefits of mobile CRM implementation in the Real Estate sector?

Providing the sales team with a mobile CRM platform gives them more versatility and provides the Real Estate business with several competitive advantages. Let’s have a look at some of the major mobile CRM software advantages and the benefits of mobile CRM:

  • Better sale and dealing prospects

    Better sale and dealing prospects

    Mobile CRM apps provide sales teams easy access to critical customer-related details such as purchasing history, pricing, and contact information/addresses, etc. It enables them to schedule meetings and better follow up on prospective dealing leads.
    Any new client information can be entered and changed instantly using the mobile CRM solution. As a result, instead of actively looking for specific customer details, the team will devote more time to making a successful deal. At the same time, higher executives may use the mobile CRM solution to stay up to date on the status of various in-hand Real Estate dealings.

  • Better communication and insight

    Better communication and insight

    Although mobile CRM is beneficial to sales representatives at the site, it is also beneficial for sales managers who want to stay up-to-date about the deal proceedings from the office. Mobile CRM provides sales managers with on-demand access to their team's activities. They will be more vigilant and respond to possible issues before they emerge due to the improved client insight.

  • Maintain daily project plans and a to-do list

    Maintain daily project plans and a to-do list

    The tasks assigned to Real Estate agents can be easily coordinated and planned thanks to mobile CRM, which minimizes the need for pen-paper instructions, typed-up documents, and e-mail follow-ups. Senior managers and colleagues can also monitor the availability of representatives and quickly access crucial meetings with specific prospects or potential property buyers since everything is available in real-time. As a result, it would help save time while also ensuring transparency. Moreover, the sales team can send their reports and daily plans using the platform itself.

  • Minimum to zero paperwork required

    Minimum to zero paperwork required-

    Mobile CRM can manage all of the documents that are usually issued on paper (quotes, licenses, agreements, and so on). A Real Estate agent can generate and submit quotes, share floor plans, project brochures, quotation templates, and other important details with the prospect or client and enter signed agreements into CRM, making it convenient not only to the salesperson and customer, but also to the business.

  • Auto scheduled reminders and meeting notifications

    Better sale and dealing prospects

    With so many meetings planned for the day, it may happen that the agent might forget about follow-ups set a few days earlier. The mobile CRM app sends timely reminders so that the agent doesn't miss his appointments and everything goes as per the schedule. Moreover, the app notifies him when new leads or tasks are assigned to him, keeping him informed.


A mobile CRM is equivalent to a tech arsenal for a Real Estate business. It assists the company in maintaining that edge over the competition by offering exceptional customer service and support. A mobile CRM app not only helps sales agents but also business development professionals.


Sell.Do is an excellent integrated real estate CRM tool that offers various mobile CRM features in the form of a mobile application such as work from anywhere, offline data access, omnichannel communication, tracking offline calls, push notifications feature, complete productivity control, and much more.

Harnessing this technology will help customer service representatives, support staff, and even senior management to increase the overall brand loyalty in the Real Estate sector.

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