Real Estate CRM: Why Your Business Needs Automated Marketing Solutions

Marketing   |   Updated on: 23 January 2024

In today's business scenario, staying one step ahead of the competition enables a company to make its own mark in the industry. The same holds true for the Real Estate industry as well. In order to achieve the sales goals you set for your business, a little software assistance goes a long way. A Real Estate CRM software comes equipped with tools and capabilities that allow a business to take a break from labour-intensive tasks and reroute that effort into actively strategizing to improve sales.

In property selling, the most important job of a business is to market its products meticulously. To be able to do that, offering the consumers tailor-made advertisements and solutions is the key to maximising conversions. However, in the vast consumer pool, manually keeping tabs on all leads is not only inefficient but also taxing on the budget. It is here that marketing automation makes its necessity known to the Real Estate industry.

Why Automate?

The multi-layered nature of Real Estate businesses creates a lot of tasks to be looked after in the back-end offices. For example:

  • Tracking leads and storing information on each one requires high accuracy and timely updation.
  • Running marketing campaigns on various channels and platforms
  • Creating performance reports in various aspects of the business

Without intelligent software to handle these tasks, the manpower requirement of business skyrockets. The skills of the employees of a company are put to better use doing tasks that require human intelligence. The mundane, clerical activities of data capturing are, thus, better left to automation software. A good Real Estate CRM software is capable of automating all the aspects of your Real Estate business.

Use of Automation In Real Estate Marketing

Marketing is the most important part of any property business. Automation of this entire process occupies a central role in bringing efficiency and efficacy into the system:

  1. Leads

    Manually keeping track of where leads are being generated and how they are responding to the information that your business has floated is a tedious task, to say the least. Through automation one can bring more ease and accuracy to processes like lead capturing and lead scoring.

  2. Segregation

    Being in possession of a lot of data without any organisational attributes makes it difficult to process into usable information. Manually categorising each lead based on the promise it displays is a highly time-consuming task. Marketing automation makes it possible to handle this efficiently and quickly.

  3. Social Media

    The new generation is a highly lucrative pool of consumers who are willing to invest in properties more openly. The way your business can approach this pool is by interacting with their social media accounts, like Twitter, Instagram and such. Automating the process of reaching out to consumers through their social media makes it possible to increase the outreach of your products and services within less time.

  4. Emails

    Marketing through emails is a highly targeted way to get information out to your consumers and potential leads. Manually drafting each email for all the leads and consumers makes it impossible to focus on the more important tasks at hand. Things get further complicated when Drip campaigns have to be set up. Automation of email marketing in Real Estate frees up a lot of manpower so your business can focus on generating results. One also gets the benefit of implementing bulk messaging through SMS and WhatsApp.

  5. Targeted Marketing

    Assimilating consumer data manually to understand the specific requirements of your audience may lead to confusing reports and mixed-up data. Automation of consumer behaviour tracking makes room for accuracy in reporting, which, in turn, helps in strategising effectively.

All these functionalities of a Real Estate CRM marketing automation software offer end-to-end automation solutions for the needs of any property business.

Reasons to Adopt Marketing Automation in Real Estate

  1. Lead Generation

    A Real Estate CRM Software is capable of earmarking where a lead originated and to which information it responded. The software then proceeds to gather this information into a unified package that is available to access on the user interface on your laptop, desktop or mobile phone. In addition to tracking these leads, the software also lists down the contact details corresponding to each lead, such as email addresses, phone numbers, social media information, etc., which enables your business to work on the lead and be able to contact them later.

  2. Prospect Organisation and Segregation

    It often becomes difficult to categorise leads based on where they originated or what their characteristics are. The good news is that an automated Real Estate CRM platform can do this simultaneously as it is collecting information from the market. There are several inbuilt categories to classify each piece of data into, but you can create your own customised categories as well based on your requirement. Organising the collected data in this manner helps make the entire process neat and quick.

    This option in automation also helps to pinpoint leads that your business has had previous interactions with, therefore allowing you to prioritise focus points in your dealings with your customers.

  3. Tapping Into Social Media

    A dedicated social media management option on your dashboard in the software provides endless possibilities to bring in leads through social media. Communicating with customers over Instagram, sharing property pictures with them, and other tasks are done easier and quicker. It also becomes possible to broadcast your products and services through your own social media to reach more audience than was possible before with limited outreach options (paper pamphlets and billboards, for example).

  4. Marketing Through Emails

    You may already be familiar with this method of marketing. Once your potential lead is onboard with your brand, it is time to start pushing your products and services to them via email. Automation of this part of your business allows you to create template emails that respond to different customer queries or actions they initiate at their end. This saves you the effort of responding individually to each email you receive.

    Good examples of this kind of marketing automation are Drip and Trigger emails, which are designed to respond to different actions that a user has initiated.

  5. Creating Customised Solutions

    Through Real Estate CRM Software, it becomes possible to highlight important leads and act on each of them individually. If there is a lead on the verge of conversion, the software is capable of flagging it such that an executive is able to view every action that leads initiates with the business. This leads to quicker conversions.

    Also, if it appears that a lead is on the verge of falling out, the same will also be flagged by the software, directing the attention of an executive to help steer it back into the sales pipeline. Automated Real Estate CRM, therefore, makes it possible to quickly convert leads and retain them wherever possible.


The Crux

While human touch and interaction are necessary to enhance a consumer's confidence in a business, there are certain labour-intensive operations that drain a company's budget and drive focus away from the more important aspects. Automation of such processes clears up the clutter on your employees' desks and helps them focus more on contributing to the end results. With Sell.Do’s marketing automation features, you get:

  • Lead nurturing capability
  • Bulk marketing
  • Reporting
  • Segmenting
  • Portal integration and much more

With Sell.Do, you can effectively automate your marketing process and bring out the best in your team. To explore other such valuable features of Sell.Do, schedule a demo soon.

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To survive in a digital world, automation is must for Real Estate

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Can a CRM offer marketing automation?

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Absolutely. Sell.Do Real Estate CRM offers specialized marketing automation features like auto lead-capture, marketing analytics and more - over 2 years ago

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