How Brokers Can Make The Most Of Digital Tools?

Marketing   |   Updated on: 18 January 2024

The real estate industry has experienced a paradigm shift in the past ten years in India. The sector has grown at breakneck speed in the time frame and is expected to have a market capitalisation of one trillion dollars by 2030. An increase in growth is bound to increase competition among real estate brokering companies as well. So, the question in every broker's mind is how can they differentiate themselves from their peers? The answer is implementing a digital marketing strategy.

Digital channels such as social media, apps, websites, etc., have helped real estate businesses create and manage their online presence. The majority of people spend 2-4 hours of their day on social media, making it ideal for brokers to capture their attention through Facebook ads, social media posts, etc., keeping the prospects engaged and hooked in the process.


Improving digital marketing strategies and building a list of satisfied customers is easier said than done. Thus, it is imperative to use digital tools for Brokers as it will help them streamline their business operations, design targeted approaches for prospects, and increase brand presence.

Below are some of the tools Brokers can use in this endeavour:

  1. Implement social media management tool

    Implement social media management tool

    Realtors understand social media's potential and what it can do for their business but struggle to market their properties effectively on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. To overcome this challenge, they can use social media management tools. Using this tool, they can automate posts and publish to multiple accounts from a single platform. Additionally, the tool can be used to capture information of interested prospects based on likes/comments, generate analytics that can help with the marketing strategy, and track engagement on every post.

    Social media can help Brokers to reach out to brands/professionals who fit their marketing strategy and collaboration with those who can offer synergy to the campaign. Brokers can publish posts of their alliance on social media, generating buzz around it.

  2. Develop a user-friendly website

    Develop a user-friendly website

    Often, prospects reach real estate brokering companies' websites by clicking ads or an email link. While they like the product, they don't stay on the website for long due to unfriendly design. If the website takes time to load photos or important information isn't displayed correctly, the prospects might lose interest. To solve such a problem, realtors should develop mobile browsing optimised websites.

    The website acts as an excellent source to display collaboration with various brands/professionals for upcoming projects and highlight positive feedback from existing clients.

  3. Create an email campaign

    Create an email campaign

    An email campaign is an essential tool for connecting with new leads and existing clients. It is observed that only 27% of clients open the emails sent to them, with a click-through rate of just 3%. Thus, it's important to send relevant content in email to keep the prospect interested. Intrigued prospects can reply to the email, helping Brokers capture their information in the real estate CRM software database and collaborating with them on upcoming engagements. Brokers can also share the experiences of existing clients in the form of testimonials through an email campaign, which acts as a great way to entice new prospects and reassure undecided ones.

  4. Implement customer relationship management (CRM) software

    Implement customer relationship management (CRM) software

    Real estate CRM software helps agents organise leads, create email campaigns, auto-respond to texts and emails, create sales reports, etc. Additionally, these tools help realtors capture prospect’s information from the various online and offline channels and maintain the database with existing customers. Brokers can then use this information to deliver a solution to the prospects from the upcoming/ongoing projects and alter strategy based on current trends. These digital tools help realtors capture prospects' sentiments, understand the pulse of the market and collaborate with brands/professionals who can relate to their strategy. Seeing the importance of digital tools, realtors should use them to correlate with their marketing strategy and enable them to become a leader in their domain.

Below are some of the ways realtors can use digital tools to get ahead of their peers:

  1. Measurable results:

    The effectiveness of online marketing campaigns can be measured by capturing various analytics results in the digital tools for Brokers. The data provides detailed information on how much time the customer is spending on the website or responding to advertising.

  2. Personalisation:

    Once customer data is saved in the real estate broker CRM database, these tools can target prospects with exciting offers whenever they revisit the website. This personalisation helps realtors in nurturing the prospects better and make them feel special and valued. Social media also helps Brokers to connect directly with prospects and understand their challenges first-hand.

If you are a Broker who is looking to expand your business through a digital medium, look no further.

Choose Sell.Do real estate CRM software with a Broker module solution. The software comes with integrated digital tools to take care of all your digital marketing needs. It can help you generate more leads through digital verticals, increase brand presence on social media, and help you collaborate with brands/professionals to boost your business. Contact today for a free demo and see the impact the Broker module can make for your business.

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