How Workflow Automation Helps In Driving More Real Estate Sales

Sales   |   Updated on: 23 January 2024

Many Real Estate brokers spend the majority of their working hours outside the workplace.

Apart from office, they have to indulge in the following in-hand tasks such as showing and inspecting residences, visiting new developments or under-construction sites, previewing luxury listings, networking and connecting with owners to list their property and finding one for buyers.


But, it's not possible to leave the desk for long or the mobile phone notifications unheard. With so many e-mails, phone calls, and text messages flooding throughout the day, it becomes difficult to focus on the most crucial aspect of a Real Estate business- actual property sales.

Due to the fear of not being customer-service oriented or losing out on a great lead, busy sales executives feel that it is part of their role to communicate in person to any of their current customers or prospects.

This is where Real Estate CRM Software like Sell.Do takes the lead to solve the problems. Its Workflow Automation software streamlines time-consuming tasks so that the focus shifts radically towards driving more sales for the company.

It offers a complete package of features such as offline data access, omnichannel communication, complete productivity control, and much more.

Real Estate workflow automation through CRM Software -

A Real Estate CRM can help to effectively set up workflow automation tactics to drive more sales.

Workflow automation is a method that enables the automation of drip campaigns and establishes better agent-to-client communication through methods such as instant messaging.

It enables the generation of automatic follow-ups and timely contact with customers.

Real estate companies use sales automation tools to implement various lead nurturing strategies such as blogs, email marketing, viral videos, and social media marketing to name a few.

It also helps to take off a significant load of handling leads from the salespersons. This eventually helps in providing a better customer experience to the prospective leads.

What are the benefits of implementing CRM and workflow automation in Real Estate?

Here are some of the benefits of using workflow management software and how it eventually helps in increasing overall property sales.

  1. E-mail and SMS workflow automation -

    A CRM Software can automate e-mails by reading and arranging all the lead tracking e-mails for quick follow-up.

    Sell.Do CRM is efficient in automating E-mail and SMS flows making on-time communication easy.

    It enables the sales team to send an email or a SMS to a lead instantly, provided where they stand in the buyer journey and sales funnel.

    Agents can also set up the incoming leads with automated e-mail answers to not lose momentum while busy dealing with a lengthy closing or a high-maintenance client.

  2. Customer categorisation for better follow-up -

    Building the kind of confidence to collaborate and transact with someone that involves the purchase or sale of a property requires multiple face-to-face interactions.

    Using Sell.Do you can automate follow-ups to improve conversions. Our software sends out auto-scheduled follow-ups in response to sales events, ensuring that the team is still on top of the warm and hot pipeline.

    Workflow automation helps in categorising leads or potential customers depending on their needs or their position in the sales cycle. Such groups can be targeted with unique conversion-oriented campaigns.

  3. Devote more time to effective Real Estate sales with lead scoring -

    The lead scoring process aids in the ranking of leads based on the probability of conversion.

    CRM Workflow automation software collects information and responses of leads from a variety of sources and updates the database. The leads are prioritised, and the data is further processed and analysed to determine their rank.


    These rankings enable realtors to concentrate on prospects with a higher likelihood of conversion while saving time on those with a lower rating.

    Using Sell.Do can automate your business processes by auto-connecting calls to get in touch with leads instantly for better response rates and conversions. After discovering the campaign, team bandwidth, and routing workflows, the Insta-Connect feature of the CRM can automatically dial a call to the lead and your sales team when an enquiry is registered in the system.

  4. Smoother workflow within teams -

    Workflow automation tools make it easier for internal teams to communicate more productively and share insights easily. Sell.Do is capable of tackling both team and task management efficiently. Some of the features include-

    • Manager dashboards that provide insights into overall sales performance and team performance as it is equipped with automated reporting features.
    • Easy task management and delegation by assigning automated tasks against lead due date for your team and receiving reminders & escalations on delays.
    • Store notes and information on leads for better data hand-Off, creating a seamless transition for the lead from one agent to another.
    • User tags and search for better team management and collaboration. Tagging the colleagues helps in updating them about the task progress. Thus, promoting collaboration and seamless work towards better sales numbers.

Bottomline -

It is well known how the real estate industry works, and an enterprise's reputation is vital to get business regularly. According to reports, almost 74% of customers head back to their agents again or recommend them. When you get your clients a property they love, they are bound to get back to you and even recommend your services to their friends.

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