How Real Estate Developers Can Leverage Marketing Automation?

Marketing   |   Updated on: 23 January 2024

For a realtor, it is pretty common to have their inbox and voice mail filled up with messages from prospective clients. These prospects would have seen ads of property listing and approached realtors for more details. As the realtors are busy with other works such as drafting contracts for a deal in progress or following up with prospects in different stages of the funnel, they can't follow up on the messages from new leads and then lose them to other Real Estate companies.


The key to solving this problem for Real Estate businesses is through automation. Automation is changing the Real Estate landscape as more and more Real Estate businesses adopt it for their daily work. Whether it is updating the prospect's info in the database or connecting with clients, realtors are using automated tools to ease their work. Gone are the days when brokers used to send follow up emails or put social media posts repeatedly to engage with leads. All these tasks, along with other client engagement activities, can be mechanised through marketing automation software. Marketing automation platforms can help realtors manage many aspects such as social media marketing, managing ads and streamlining business operations, freeing up realtors to nurture leads and close deals.

Businesses have realised the potential of marketing automation services and understood what they bring to the table and the impact they can make in the Real Estate sector. For automation to succeed, the first step is to identify the bottleneck process that takes the most time and analyse if it can be automated.

Below are five areas of the Real Estate sector that have the potential to reap marketing automation benefits:

  1. Lead generation

    It refers to the interest shown by prospects in products or services promoted by realtors. Realtors can generate leads through various digital channels- digital ads, websites, social media etc. For converting a prospect into a lead, constant engagement is required through multiple channels to make the client feel valued. The whole process can be challenging and time-consuming for realtors, but an effective CRM software can make their lives easy. The Real Estate CRM streamlines various lead generation processes using its automated features, reducing the menial activities of Developers or Brokers. Marketing Automation functionality offered by CRM can help in such scenarios as it automates various engagement activities with prospects while maintaining a personalised touch. Through CRM marketing automation software, realtors can reorganise various presales and sales activities, improving their lead generation prospects along the way.

  2. Email marketing

    Email marketing is an essential aspect of Real Estate funnel. Realtors can inform prospects about their upcoming projects and capture their responses in the database for further use through emails. The automation feature of Real Estate CRM software has been a game-changer in this aspect. The software sends automated bulk emails to clientele from the database highlighting the latest offers and updating their responses back in the database. Realtors can then view the profile and responses of interested prospects and devise a strategy to nurture these leads further.

  3. Account-based marketing integration

    Account-based marketing enables complete personalization of customer engagement collaterals, helping Real Estate brands improve their communication quality and increase chances of conversions.

  4. Lead scoring

    The lead scoring process helps to rank leads captured based on their chances of conversion. The leads' information and responses are captured from various sources and updated in the database by Real Estate CRM software. The leads are prioritized, and the data is treated and analysed further to determine the rank of leads. These ranks help realtors focus on the prospects that have a higher chance of conversion and save time on those who have a lower rank.

  5. Lead nurturing

    Lead nurturing refers to developing bonds with prospects and strengthening that relationship at every stage of the sales funnel. The relationship can be nurtured by providing prospects with the required content, answering any open queries and ensuring they feel connected with the product and brand. Automation features of Real Estate CRM can enhance the lead nurturing process as it enables realtors to always stay connected with leads. The CRM marketing automation software aids in engaging activities such as drip marketing, sharing relevant content with the leads at regular intervals and keeping them on the hook. The automated tools help respond to social media posts, answer emails through bots and target leads with ads.

A Real Estate business’s success depends on how good they are at building relationships with new leads and existing customers. The Real Estate sector thrives on customer engagement, and often realtors lose the leads if they can't nurture them effectively; hence a Real Estate CRM becomes indispensable. To ensure your team always has time to connect with prospective clients, use Sell.Do - an exclusive Real Estate CRM software. The marketing automation features of Sell.Do ensure that you can automate all the time consuming and manual tasks, freeing your team to do what is essential for the business's growth.

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