5 Tips To Master Marketing Automation In Real Estate

Marketing   |   Updated on: 19 January 2024

For realtors, it takes a lot of effort and time to convert a lead into a customer. They go through various steps and processes in this journey to get the prospects on board. The sales team are unable to nurture the leads effectively as some or other menial tasks bog them down. The advancement in CRM technology has given a significant boost to the Real Estate sector as it has helped to automate many processes, allowing realtors to concentrate on important sales and marketing tasks.


A CRM tool helps manage engagement with clients at different stages of the funnel. On the other hand, Marketing automation technology helps realtors in targeting prospects with tailored campaigns by using information captured by the CRM. The scope of marketing automation functionality is restricted only to marketing, but CRM software can streamline the entire business operations and gives a complete view of customers' needs.

CRM marketing automation software helps Real Estate businesses in initiating automated marketing campaigns from scratch and generate more leads. It offers features such as auto responses from bots, email marketing, and personalized campaigns across digital channels, helping realtors in getting more control over their marketing plan.

Real Estate marketing automation tools assist in segmenting the prospective buyers based on their browsing activity, email responses, links opened, etc. This makes it easier for Developers to understand the needs of prospects, segregate them into different verticals and send relevant communication messages across all channels. Real Estate marketing automation software is a must-have for every Real Estate business as it removes repetitive tasks and provides an opportunity for Developers to focus on essential aspects of selling properties.


The benefits of marketing automation systems can be gauged from the fact that it helps realtors in deploying their strategies in different ways to target an audience. Below are some of the best marketing automation tips that can help marketers in streamlining their operations and reduce manual effort:

  1. Lead funnel

    Lead funnel

    The marketing automation tool helps in nurturing the leads at various stages of the funnel. The Real Estate CRM offers features such as sending an automated email, which will be triggered based on the prospect's action. Other features, such as response on social media posts and retargeted ads, helps realtors in nurturing the leads and maintaining a solid connection with them through the process.

  2. Running paid ads

    Running paid ads

    The ads running online have become part of everyone's life as they guarantee to reach an audience wide and fair. Through the PPC model for paid ads, realtors can project content to uplift brands and get more qualified leads. Realtors pay for ads only when someone clicks on them or as per other predefined rules. Marketing automation allows relators to control their ad campaign by automating various processes and using third-party applications to customize the ad as per the targeted audience. This frees up the realtor from adjusting the ads for different prospects, allowing them to focus on nurturing the leads.

  3. Setting drip campaigns

    Setting drip campaigns

    Drip campaigns refers to a set of marketing emails released automatically through the tool at a scheduled time. The template of these emails, as well as the flow of the schedule, can be customized by Real Estate CRM as per the targeted audience and business needs.

  4. Increase social media engagements

    Increase social media engagements

    Real Estate businesses need to be active on social media to grow their brand image. Prospects prefer companies that can showcase their projects on various social media sites and instantly answer all queries. Automation tools powered by Real Estate CRM software can be employed to post blogs/images/videos on various social networking sites simultaneously and capture responses received. AI chatbots can be used to answer various generic queries raised by prospects and gather their relevant information.

  5. Streamline digital marketing analytics

    Streamline digital marketing analytics

    Social media is a major lead generation platform for Real Estate. A CRM software helps in automating the lead capture process from social media sites, along with enabling detailed analytics of the incoming traffic and data generated.

  6. Landing pages

    Landing pages

    These single web pages advertise the latest offering of Real Estate companies. These website links are usually embedded in an email marketing campaign, social media ads, and search engine results, which display the web page when clicked upon. Along with the newest offers, these pages also display options to fill the form for interested clients. The high-end functionality offered by CRM marketing automation software captures the information filled in form in different buckets, helping to identify the best leads and recommending the best way of communicating with them to increase conversion rate.

To cater to the needs of the changing Real Estate sector, we designed Sell.Do - an effective CRM built exclusively for Real Estate. Sell.Do helps automate various day-to-day tasks managed by realtors such as planning, executing, tracking, evaluating, managing, and optimizing all your marketing campaigns to achieve better results. From nurturing leads captured from different sources, to managing the status of inventory and increasing work efficiency of teams —everything can be streamlined easily by the automated processes designed by our Real Estate CRM software.

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Chetana posted almost 3 years ago

Automation will be the new normal in marketing across all the domains.

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Madhurima posted almost 3 years ago

Can marketing analytics be automated?

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Sell.Do CRM offers seamless integration with various analytics platforms (like Facebook Analytics), allowing you gain insights from all your marketing activities. So due to this, some of the analytics data fetching is automated. - almost 3 years ago

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