Importance Of Using Specialised CRM For Real Estate

CRM   |   25 March 2021

Importance Of Using Specialised CRM For Real Estate

Having a year-on-year increase in revenue and sales is a challenge for every Real Estate Developer, with only a few prospering. The difference between achievers and underachievers is a streamlined process that helps convert prospective clients into loyal customers. The methodology ensures that the journey of leads through the marketing funnel is smooth and maximum conversion happens.

With the rapid growth of the Real Estate sector, there is a growing need for strategic technologies such as CRM. A Real Estate CRM software is designed to take care of all the tasks related to Developers’ and agents' day-to-day activities.

While most generic CRMs promise to help with the above tasks, their solution is substandard. Real Estate companies and Brokers understand the importance of CRM in streamlining their overall processes but have been disappointed with generic CRM's unsatisfactory results. For a dynamic market like Real Estate, a specialised Real Estate CRM is needed.

Here are some of the benefits of a dedicated Real Estate CRM software one should look forward to:

  • Some of the functionalities offered by generic CRM are:

    Some of the functionalities offered by generic CRM

    • Managing leads
    • Maintaining contact details in a database
    • Ensuring regular follow-ups with prospects
    • Helping in inventory management
    • Aiding marketing campaigns
  • Ensure leak-proof lead management

    Ensure leak-proof lead management

    Earlier, sales teams used to put every lead in excel. Now, agents can address the issue of losing leads to manual systems using the latest CRM software. This allows you to capture property inquiries from marketing, digital ads, websites, etc., ensuring no leads are lost or leaked.

  • Real estate specific database management

    Real estate specific database management

    A Real Estate CRM software keeps track of all data related to clients, prospects, and advertisements by saving it in its database. This database solution isn't only faster and easier to use than peers but also helps the agents stay organised and on top of their game.

  • Inventory management

    Inventory management

    Having the real-time status of inventory available is a boon for the Real Estate industry as it helps agents manage available properties effectively. With an exclusive CRM for the Real Estate industry like Sell.Do, agents can track all the available properties, ensuring no properties get double booked.

  • Enable a full-fledged customer support system

    Enable a full-fledged customer support system

    The amount of time taken in responding to enquiries directly influences the sales. An exclusive CRM software for Real estate such as Sell.Do can help agents to connect with leads within 5 mins of the query being raised. Sell.Do’s software comes with an auto-response feature allowing you to respond to enquiries even when you're not available, ensuring the customers never miss your presence.

  • Omni-channel marketing and collaborations

    Omni-channel marketing and collaborations

    If any prospect shows interest in the property on social media or website, CRM will capture the lead and notify the sales team for follow up. This information is conveyed to the marketing team so that prospects can be contacted for relevant emails and collaterals— a specialised Real Estate CRM software like Sell.Do bridges a gap between the sales and marketing team, ensuring an effective sales process.

Sell.Do is an effective Real Estate CRM that enables smooth functioning of Real Estate marketing and sales. The Channel Partner module offered by us has made Brokering easy for our clients. With the reduction in time spent, higher conversion rate and better connection with prospects, the module has inspired Brokers to go to the next level.

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