Increase Your Sales Team's Productivity With Sell.Do's Offline Call Feature

CRM   |   Updated on: 18 January 2024

Sell.Do is one of the best CRM for real estate in India for a reason. It is because the idea of understanding real problems and upgrading the software accordingly has always been at its core. Case in point, the Offline Call feature. But before we get to the feature, let us quickly take a look at the problems that sparked the idea for this feature.


A sales guy’s job is very hectic. They have to call the leads, maintain lead stage data, show the property to prospects, convince them to buy, follow-up with them and whatnot. While Sell.Do does make most of these activities hassle-free for them, there was a new problem that was noticed. 


When sales representatives used Sell.Do’s call feature to contact the leads, the leads used to receive a call from a virtual number. The problem with virtual numbers was that most of them were shown as spam numbers in the leads’ phone number identification apps. Which naturally led to the leads not receiving the call. Another issue was that sales representatives had to make the call only from the system, but they couldn’t be present at the system at all times owing to their job’s demands. To overcome this problem, sales representatives used their personal numbers to contact leads. However, calls made to through their personal numbers couldn’t be tracked in real estate CRM Sell.Do and the lead stage wasn’t getting updated. Thankfully, this problem is solved! 

Here’s how the Offline Calling feature solves these problems:

  • The feature, which actually is a separate calling app, lets sales representatives sync their personal numbers with Sell.DO
  • Sales representatives have to download the app and register their personal number in it
  • Post registering and syncing, all the calls made through personal numbers are tracked and the conversations are recorded
  • The data can be accessed in the Sell.Do main app or software
  • When the calls are made in the absence of a working internet connection, the users can manually sync calls (latest 30 calls) when the connection is back
  • To avoid the collection of unnecessary personal data, only calls made to the numbers registered in Sell.Do are tracked 

The offline calling app helps you effortlessly track calls, check sales representatives’ communication with the lead and conduct sales and pre-sales audits. Your sales representatives can now utilise Sell.Do’s power to the fullest, without having worry about the number they will be calling from.

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