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CRM   |   Updated on: 18 January 2024

Brokering has been an essential arm of the Real Estate industry for years. Thanks to their contacts and local understanding, Real Estate Brokers have been contributing considerably to property sales. But today, customers can look up properties by themselves on online portals and contact the developer directly for bookings. Due to which, brokers cannot be just a ‘directory’ of properties any more. As the market is changing, brokers need to move beyond being the stereotypical ‘middleman’.


Moving beyond showing properties and collecting commissions, Real Estate Brokers today need to function as property consultants and advisors to their customers. Reaching out to leads at the right time and with the right message is therefore of utmost importance.

Moreover, in a digitally-driven age where everything from exploring to booking can be done online, a broker’s responsibilities have evolved. And as the responsibilities have evolved, so have the challenges. One such challenge faced by brokers happens to be that of lead capturing and cultivating a robust leads database. Let’s try and understand this challenge and how real estate CRM Sell.Do can help solve it.

Problems Faced by Brokers with Respect to Lead Management

  • Difficulty in Lead Capturing: Real Estate Brokering is about how fast you can reach potential leads and engage them. With the influx of multiple property portals and prevailing competition, faster lead capturing has become pretty overwhelming in recent times.
  • Efforts in Lead Management: Managing information of leads manually has become quite a cumbersome task. Since brokers receive multiple enquiries for different projects in different locations, lead management has become a time-consuming and energy-draining process.
  • Leads Leakage and Duplicity: Instances of lead data getting leaked to a competitor are common in the business of brokers. Apart from that, duplicate content or wrong information provided by leads is a problem too. Owing to these issues, conversions are becoming a challenge.
  • Inefficient Communication and Collaboration: Real Estate Brokering essentially involves interacting with potential leads and collaborating with team members, fellow Brokers, and Real Estate Developers. All this can get complicated without an effective collaboration tool.

Rather than trying to tackle all these challenges manually, that is, using MS Excel or generic CRM tools, Real Estate Brokers can opt for an effective and powerful Real Estate Lead Management System, like the one offered by Sell.Do Broker Module.

Sell.Do the real estate CRM #BuiltForBrokers

Sell.Do Broker Module is a robust CRM that has all the solutions and guidance required to handle Real Estate Lead Management. It serves as an ideal Integrated Solution for Brokers that helps them capture, manage, and prioritize their leads.

  1. Lead Capturing

    • Capture leads from multiple channels including Live Chat, SMS, emails, calls, and website

    • Auto-lead capture from property portals and social media channels

    • Avoid leakage and duplication of leads

  2. Lead Management

    • Keep track of your leads across stages

    • Maintain separate pipelines for multiple projects

  3. Lead Prioritization

    Focus your sales efforts on priority leads that are categorized as per intent and stage


Besides Lead Management, Sell.Do also has features that help Brokers with

  • Inventory Management

  • Team Management and Collaboration

  • Reporting and Monitoring

  • Mobile Team Management

An automated Real Estate CRM software can help brokers capture and collate relevant and valuable leads. It captures online leads from all sources including searches and third-party property portals. After the leads are captured, the system can categorize them as per set parameters and identify priority leads. Real Estate Brokers and their teams can then set about targeting the leads with a suitable inventory.

Stay tuned to this blog series as we cover more challenges faced by Real Estate Brokers and how Sell.Do can help you overcome them. Sell.Do also regularly organizes meetups where brokers come together for knowledge exchange about best practices in the industry.

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Very simple and straightforward. Makes it a very helpful blog and also quickly readable.

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