The New Path To Purchase: A Journey Built On Consumer Insights

Marketing   |   Updated on: 29 January 2024

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, it dealt a blow to markets across the world. Globally, markets came to a standstill for months on end. Today though, businesses across the world are just starting to show some signs of recovery. As the world learns to live with coronavirus, we can see significant and deeper impacts that the pandemic has made.


It is changing the way consumers buy products and consumer services. For the real estate industry, in particular, it is changing the way home buyers navigate property buying.

Changing Homebuyer Behaviour

There have been some changes in the buying behaviour of consumers over the past two decades. The advent of the internet saw the introduction of online property portals. Then came high-quality videos and photos which took the place of brochures.

And now, in the post-COVID era, homebuyer behaviour has changed even more. According to recent consumer surveys, there has been an increase in demand for online experiences by homebuyers. They not only wish to explore properties online but also want to make bookings virtually.

Changing Paths to Purchase

Awareness, interest, nurture, site visits and final closure were the steps taken by homebuyers traditionally. However, with physical interactions being avoided due to safety concerns, the path-to-purchase has changed.

There will be more steps added in the buying journey like virtual tours, online presentations by sales executives and virtual negotiations. To increase the chances of conversion in this new buying journey, real estate developers must engage with prospective customers via new channels.


They must employ innovative strategies like drip marketing, online bookings and e-payments to ensure a convenient buying process. And to incorporate new strategies effortlessly, they will need an advanced technological solution.

Sell.Do Real Estate CRM Software is the Solution

Sell.Do Real Estate CRM is a platform built specifically for the real estate industry. It comes with features designed to solve real-world real estate challenges.

Sell.Do empowers developers with online property sales features like video conferencing, virtual tours, automatic lead scoring, automated drip marketing, real-time inventory management and online property booking & cancellation. Armed with these features, developers can easily cater to the changing needs of homebuyers and boost their sales.

In the post-COVID era, new challenges require new solutions. With Sell.Do, the best real estate CRM software, it will be a cakewalk for developers to adapt to new consumer demands and offer a convenient buying experience.

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