PropTech That Real Estate Companies Can Adopt, To Experience Digital Transformation

CRM   |   Updated on: 03 June 2024

Technology is playing a significant role in shaping the way businesses and industries operate. It has helped traditional enterprises to bolster their income pathways in multiple ways. The Real Estate industry is no different. The dramatic rise in the use of technology platforms in real-estate has led to the coinage of the term ‘proptech’ or property technology. Since its creation, proptech has helped uplift the Real Estate industry for sales, marketing and a host of other relation streams.

With the advent of COVID-19, the Real Estate industry was significantly affected. The need for new technology and digital transformation surfaced during this time to help keep businesses running. One way they could achieve this feat was through a CRM software solution that also helps brokers and channel partners.

The Role of CRM Software in Real Estate

Real Estate is where creating relationships with customers is an essential factor in determining their sales success. And what better way to manage customer relationships than a focused Real Estate CRM software?


While there are several generic CRM software available in the market that may be good, none of them can compete for the position of the best CRM for Real Estate. Remember - you don’t need a generic CRM software. What you need is the best Real Estate CRM software to meet your requirements effectively.

Sell.Do is one such CRM, developed exclusively to incorporate sales and marketing automation in the Real Estate business. It is the best Real Estate CRM that is equipped with the right set of features to boost your sales and marketing efforts.

Emerging Technologies in the Real Estate Industry

  1. AI/ML and predictive analysis

    One of the most common applications of AI/ML is predictive analysis. In the Real Estate industry, predictive analytics can be used to predict the rate of property in the market and also to build sample buyer personas for its properties.
    The Real Estate industry generates vast amounts of data that can be aggregated and combined to form a useful dataset. This can then be analyzed to determine market trends and formulate strategies to improve the business.

  2. VR Walkthroughs

    With the help of virtual reality, 3-dimensional walkthroughs of the project and properties can be facilitated via online portals. This makes it extremely easy and safe for prospects to check out the project in detail.

  3. Marketing Automation

    Marketing automation has drastically reduced the costs of mass-media advertising for real estate, as it has reduced the use of manpower, along with the resources involved in creating a full-fledged marketing execution plan.

  4. Brokers & CPs

    Technologies like AI and real estate CRM have made it much easier and simpler for Brokers and Channel Partners to capture, manage and nurture leads. This enables them to make faster conversions and sell off inventory in viable timeframes. With cloud-based data management, it also becomes easy to manage large volumes of data and turn them into actionable insights as per demand.

  5. Home automation and apps

    People love to have full control in their homes and this is achieved today with the help of various home automation systems. Voice-controlled commands used to switch on the lights and fans, ACs at homes are a common sight these days.

To Sum It up

The last decade has seen a steep increase in the usage of modern proptech in Real Estate businesses as it is a great way to optimize sales and marketing processes. The real estate industry can scale to even greater heights by leveraging safer site visits and sales with the help of digital channels, by choosing the best CRM for Real Estate available in the market.

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