What Kind Of Technologies Should Be Used For Real Estate Marketing? A List Of Must Have Real Estate CRM Integrations

CRM   |   Updated on: 18 January 2024

The field of Marketing and sales evolved much to the surprise of the industry in many ways. It started with the transformation of approach from being product centric to becoming customer-centric, to support and complement this, many tools and tech were introduced. A CRM (client relationship management) software is one of them, marketing automation and sales automation came in later to join CRM and extend it’s offering.

Going forward, we observed that multiple industries who started using CRM also started customizing them according to their respective business processes. For some industries this was easy for others it came with a lot of time and cost. Real Estate is one such industry that has recently started using CRM and sales and marketing automation software.

It generally costs more if you customize your generic salesforce according to real estate sales and business process, while vertical specific real estate CRM comes with built-in features and integrations.


For those who are looking for a Real Estate CRM or who are already using Salesforce, Zoho, Leadsqured or Freshsales, here is a list of must have real estate CRM integration that we have prepared from our years of experience in real estate SaaS offerings.

An essential real estate CRM integration list:

  1. Property Portal Integration

    Property portals have gained popularity when it comes to the property search and property data aggregation. While they offer a great deal of convenience to property buyers for a house hunt, these portals are a great source of lead generation for real estate industry. Integration with these portals will help to offer a superior lead servicing experience and better sales conversions.

     Here are the top property portals, which real estate CRM must integrate with:  

    • 99acres
    • Housing.com
    • Commonfloor
    • MagicBricks
    • Sulekha
    • Roof and Floor
    • Propertywala.com
    • Indiaproperty
    • Makaan
    • Quikr

    Impact: Manages and stores all the leads that express interest in the organization’s product or service.

  2. Live Chats

    Live chats are the present and future of marketing and customer experience for any business segment and the same applies to the real estate industry as well.

    Live Chat Platforms: Olark, Hubspot Service Hub, Zen Desk, Genesys, Zoho Desk and Fresh Chat are a few that must help speed up your sales and pre-sales process by offering quick information to certain FAQs related to your real estate project.

    Impact of this integration is seen when you start scoring your leads depending upon their engagement and interaction with the chatbot to give an idea about buyer intent.

  3. Contact Center/ Call Center Solution: Telephony Integrations

    Well, we had recently published an article on “ Why do real estate businesses need contact center & pre-sales software?” and “ How to Select a Contact Center Software that is best for Real Estate Projects?

    Suggested Platforms: Knowlarity, Twilio (Global), m-Cube and Ozonetel are some well-known service providers

    Impact: With call center features like auto-dialing, call routing, call recording, and sales call productivity reports not only real estate buying experience is furthered but sales and pre-sales productivity and performance can also be checked and optimized.

    Especially during project launches, heavy call flow can be easily managed such that

  4. Contact Center/ Call Center Solution: Telephony Integrations

    I Kid you not, the performance of bulk SMS in real estate industry is still remarkable and real estate marketers must use this as a part of their campaign. If we were to believe a Gartner’s report that says “SMS remains an effective, yet underutilized, mobile tactic among marketing leaders…”

    With the real estate industry, this is even more effective as the buyer in sub-continent still expects an SMS for details related to real estate inventories.


    One known SMS service provider in this area is Pinnacle and real estate CRM do have ready integrations with their SMS services.

  5. Social Media Integrations

    Ignoring social media marketing that too for real estate business is dead and not being able to manage your campaigns, social media leads and RoI is a crime.

    Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram must be well integrated with your real estate CRM to provide you with a single dashboard for social media campaign reports, RoI and management.

  6. Google Adwords Integration

    Google Adwords in today's world is one of the most effective lead generation mediums. With Cost per lead in the range of INR 25 - INR 350, google adword campaign is the best for immediate sales. And guess what, real estate project launch is when you need this the most. 

    Hence, having integration of real estate CRM and Google AdWords is mandatory.

    While these must have integrations can be done in most generic CRM can be done but going with a vertical specific CRM will not only save customization expenses but around 60% time, this is pivotal during project launches.

Check out our blog where we have compared Generic CRM vs Vertical CRM.

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Comments (5)

Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Sandeep posted almost 3 years ago

Call center functionality is a must in real estate crm and for real estate brands.

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Nisha posted almost 3 years ago

Can CRM help in automating leads?

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Yes, absolutely. Sell.Do CRM enables complete automation of lead capturing and lead nurturing - almost 3 years ago

Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Nitin Awasthi posted almost 3 years ago

Workflow management software is also a key tool for real estate, to increase productivity

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  vinu posted over 3 years ago

Can you mention some good CRMs for real estate in India? One that offers all these integrations?

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Sell.Do offers all these integrations at no extra cost. Because, it is the only CRM built exclusively for Real Estate by industry veterans. For more information, you can get in touch with us. - over 3 years ago

Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Ashmita posted over 3 years ago

This is good detailed information. You could also provide information about how to integrate with property portals like 99 acres, housing, etc.

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