Things To Avoid Over A Video Conferencing Sales Call

Sales   |   Updated on: 29 January 2024

If you are a salesperson and the ongoing pandemic has you working from home, then you must have realised the importance of video conferencing for your sales calls.

Be it introductory calls with new leads or negotiation meetings with interested prospects or even remote collaboration with your team, video conferencing has come in handy especially during the lockdown. Arranging a video conferencing sales call won’t be that hard, what’s important is that you need to be aware of the proper video conferencing etiquettes.

There are quite a few things you’ll have to consider for ensuring an effective video sales call. These include:

Ensuring the customer feels important

Leading the conversation in the desired direction

Customer requirements are getting addressed

Maintaining a dialogue rather than a one-sided conversation

Ensuring transparency and clarity

Following video conferencing etiquettes

Following the right etiquettes can go a long way in making your sales calls productive and problem-free. Remember one important fact – video conferencing is just about the only point of interaction that you would get with potential buyers in the current situation. Taking the client through the property with techniques like virtual walkthroughs, screen shares, presentations and other means are the new forms of engagement. Losing an opportunity for that means pretty much losing the lead itself.

Here are some habits or practices to avoid while conducting a video conference meeting.

  1. Don’t be casual in any way

    This includes your dressing, your tone of voice, the presentation, basic video conferencing manners (keeping the mic off when you’re not speaking, logging in on time, etc.), and the information you’ll be giving. Home buyers need to know they are a priority to the developer and any indication of being casual or reluctant would put them off.

  2. Don’t talk over your client

    Don’t interrupt or talk over other participants on the call. Wait for an opening and avoid rudely interrupting other speakers. If you have something urgent to say, just apologize for interrupting and ask them to carry on once you’re done.

  3. Don’t let the technical issues come in the way

    This involves ensuring your laptops are fully charged, internet connections are properly checked, presentation or video-conferencing software are duly tested and the entire setup is functioning. In spite of all this, if a technical issue does happen, you should be ready with an alternate plan of communication.

  4. Don’t get distracted while on the call

    Make sure you pay full attention to what your clients are saying while conducting a sales meeting. That includes keeping your phone aside or tuning out of the conversation to talk to others next to you or on chats.

  5. Don’t make your responses sound scripted

    Your leads are looking forward to a genuine and informative interaction with you. Your conversation, therefore, has to be dynamic and engaging. Simple things like asking relevant questions, listening patiently, switching to a language that the lead is comfortable, etc. go a long way in establishing the trust factor.

  6. Don’t hold back on the relevant data

    As mentioned above, video conferencing is the new normal that will be replacing actual site visits for quite a while now. Home buyers, therefore, want to know everything about the project and get all their questions answered in detail. Make sure you’re well-prepared with your information. “Don’t know” or “Let me get back to you” are two answers that should ideally be avoided.

Video conferencing has become an essential component of the modern business world, especially for real estate online selling. It helps in keeping the sales engine running smoothly with remote team members and clients.

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