5 Best Practices For Real Estate Video Conferencing

Sales   |   Updated on: 23 January 2024

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has every one of us taking extra precautions to stay safe. This means restrictions on conducting ‘business-as-usual’ and being more mindful of our interactions with other people, especially in a social setting.

So how should the real estate industry carry on in these cautious times?
With the help of technology, of course.


The pandemic might have changed our priorities on physical interactions, but can bring real estate developers and homebuyers closer together through technology like video calling and screen share and virtual property walkthrough.

The real estate industry is swiftly moving online. From real estate virtual tours & meetings to online booking, real estate developers have replaced their day-to-day physical interactions with online replacements. In such a scenario, video conferencing tools have become essential to drive contactless property sales. There are numerous advantages to video conferencing but using it efficiently to deliver an engaging customer experience is a hurdle we can help you overcome with these five best practices.

Video Conferencing Best Practices

  1. Choose the right platform

    Go for an easy-to-install and user-friendly video conferencing tool that doesn’t require too many permissions or details. Remember that your home buyers may or may not be tech-savvy, and hence the software has to be easy-to-use. Furthermore, do check its compatibility with different operating systems and its mobile-friendliness as well. We suggest using Google Meet and Zoom.

  2. Do test-runs

    The last thing you’d want is software glitches right during your video call. To avoid this, get the video-conferencing software integrated seamlessly with your CRM platform. Ask for a demo, run trial calls with your teammates and understand all the features that are offered.

    The Sell.Do real estate CRM can integrate with Zoom or Google Meets in just one-click. For existing users, talk to your account manager for more details.

  3. Prepare Your Space

    Mind your surroundings when talking to clients, applicable especially for those who are working from home. Consider the lighting and the items that would be visible in the background. Also, keep in mind the noise from your surroundings. Move to a quiet place, away from open windows to minimize noises.

  4. Follow Conferencing Etiquettes

    While video conferencing can take some time to get comfortable with, following simple etiquettes can keep things running smoothly. Make sure you log in before your prospects do, so you’re ready to greet them and lead the conversation. Walk them through the technical features and agenda of the call. If you plan to record the conversation, take prior permissions. Listen to your leads, it has to be a conversation and not just a presentation.


    Sometimes while talking, we tend to go on without allowing the other parties to have their say. So it’s important to pause in between and allow other participants to jump in or ask questions. If you are hosting a meeting, make sure you take breaks between your presentations and ask for any questions throughout the call.

  5. Be Mindful Of Technical Challenges

    Before you start a call with your clients take note of any documents or presentations that you would be running them through. It would be helpful for the other participants if you send them those documents beforehand. This way they can have them handy, in case internet bandwidth issues or other restraints prevents them to follow along with you.

  6. Video calling for better customer engagement

    Video calling is a vital part of virtual real estate customer engagement strategy. For developers selling property online, investing in a good video calling tool is a must. It not only allows for seamless customer engagement online but lets internal teams connect as well.

Sell.Do, an exclusive real estate CRM software offers an integrated solution which is designed for end-to-end online real estate selling. The solution offers important real estate features and modules like video conferencing, CRM tools and technology and marketing automation. To get a first-hand experience of Sell.Do, schedule a free demo today!

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