Tech To The Rescue: How To Maintain Online Brand Presence During The Lockdown

Marketing   |   Updated on: 29 January 2024

Change is the only constant.

This age-old proverb is perhaps the most insightful statement for businesses in the current Covid-19 era. Successful businesses wouldn't be so, if they didn't adapt and evolve through change. The principle applies in the current situation as well. If companies don't adapt to the new way of doing business, they may have to struggle to stay afloat!


Change is definitely due in the Real Estate sector for one. Construction work has been affected and more importantly, customer interactions have gone down. Owing to the prevalence of COVID-19 and an increasing number of positive cases, home buyers are still wary of actually visiting property sites or interacting with salespersons. Moreover, when will the pandemic end and how will businesses function after that remains a puzzle. In such a scenario, technology and innovation in business is a must, mainly to ensure uninterrupted operations and customer service. Developers must find ways to engage with their audiences while ensuring their safety. Due to the evident restrictions on conventional options, an online customer engagement strategy is the ideal solution for this challenge.

Take a look at some of the engagement tactics and tools that enable consistent brand presence and customer engagement during the current situation:

Virtual Site Visit Tools

A site visit is a crucial part of home buying, mainly because of the detailing and actual experience. Buyers essentially need to 'see' and 'walkthrough' the property they plan to buy. However, in today's situation, physical visits won't be feasible. This is why offering virtual site visits to prospective customers should be in every developer's list of priority. While this technology has been in the market for quite some time, developers can work with tech experts to take their virtual site experience.

Video Conferencing

Video calls are the sweet spot between phone calls and actual interaction. They provide the convenience and safety of phone calls as well as the human touch of personal interactions. Moreover, such a tool allows sales representatives to give virtual presentations as well as do better negotiations with prospective customers. Developers must get a good video calling tool that lets their teams connect with each other as well as with customers.

Online Sales

Virtual Calls and Virtual Site Visits

Real estate sales have conventionally happened in-person. However, with the advancement in technology, it is now possible to sell properties online securely. As online sales portals provide safety and convenience too, customers are certain to love this new experience.


Marketing Automation through a digital marketing setup

With consumers increasingly spending time online, digital engagement channels like email, social media and digital ads should be part of every developer's customer engagement strategy. While channels like Google ads, Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads can be used to attract leads, channels like emailers, WhatsApp and SMS can be used to nurture them.

This is the basic online sales and marketing setup that every developer must-have.

To ensure an even better customer engagement online, developers can get Sell.Do, an exclusive real estate CRM software. It is an integrated solution, which is designed for real estate online selling. It offers all these features by helping you automate your sales and marketing processes.

To get a first-hand experience of Sell.Do, one of the best real estate CRM software, schedule a free demo today!

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