5 Ways Brokers Can Leverage Digital Marketing

CRM   |   Updated on: 11 June 2024

The digital marketing wave has compelled industries, such as Real Estate, to change how they conduct their business. The revolution caused by the impact of digital technology in marketing tactics. Businesses in other industries are using digital marketing to boost sales by advertising their products across social media, websites, search engines, apps, and digital media.

For the Real Estate Brokers, in particular, an effective Real Estate digital marketing strategy can help leverage Broker CRM software to generate leads, nurture them, and successfully convert them. Real Estate Brokers can generate leads through various mediums - online as well as offline.


Managing these leads, categorising them and mapping their requirements are their biggest challenges, which they can manage by a Real Estate CRM software for Brokers.

Real Estate Brokers can further leverage digital marketing in the following ways

  1. Lead generation

    Lead generation

    While a good proportion of leads are still generated through traditional ways, the past few years have shown an increase in lead generation through digital mediums. Digitisation has changed the way businesses are done nowadays, as well as the way leads are created. To attract more customers, businesses are marketing themselves on digital mediums and gaining their attention by offering best in class services.

    The most fruitful and effective means to reach the eyes and minds of the customers in today’s digital world are:

    • Social media
    • Online events
    • Digital medium
    • Video marketing
    • Apps

    Real Estate Broker CRM software has helped businesses in adapting to this digital wave and market themselves as the best option for customers.

  2. Inventory management

    Inventory management

    Capturing and understanding the client’s requirement is one half of the work for Brokers. The other half involves mapping their requirement to the correct property. With so much client info in the database, it gets difficult for Brokers to find the perfect property for each of them.

    Not only that, multiple Brokers might sell the same property to different customers, leading to further embarrassment. Real Estate CRM software for Brokers gives Brokers a new way to solve this problem. They can maintain information of all properties in the database and match that to customer requirements through its inventory management functionality. The real-time feature provides the latest status of inventory, ensuring no property gets put up for sales or rent twice.

  3. Avoiding data duplication

    Avoiding data duplication

    Duplication of contacts and misplacing customer details is a common problem faced in the Real Estate Brokering businesses. But this challenge can be easily tackled using Real Estate CRM software for Brokers. The CRM software allows you to save all the relevant contact details and point out if there is any duplication. This becomes quite handy during an email campaign. The email marketing tool can easily provide updated information on any customer by syncing with the CRM software.

  4. Lead nurture

    Lead nurture

    The sales team of a Brokerage firm carefully nurtures a prospect to convert them. Real Estate CRM software helps in nurturing the leads generated to create a long-lasting relationship with the customers. Brokers can make targeted content on social media, email, blogs, and videos to attract interested prospects.

    Even if these prospects aren’t looking to buy right now, the content by a specific Brokerage firm will always remain at the back of their mind, and they will always prefer only those Brokerage firms whenever they plan to buy.

    This shows the importance of digital marketing in the Real Estate industry as it helps to manage and nurture targeted leads.

  5. Storytelling on Social Media

    Storytelling on Social Media

    Storytelling is an art that brings in new customers and helps retain existing ones. With the help of social media, smartly curated content can be pushed in bits and pieces to the audience. Brokers can leverage the power of storytelling to capture and convert prospective buyers into customers.

At Sell.Do, we offer state-of-the-art CRM software that helps in lowering operational costs and provides real-time data to make decisions proactively. The market demands and customer buying patterns can be analysed with the software’s help. This enables you to target the customers more effectively, with digital marketing tools.


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