Move Your Real Estate Business Online With Sell.Do

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Move Your Real Estate Business Online With Sell.Do

The year 2020 will perhaps go down in history as the year the world changed. And by world, we mean the way of doing business.

If you pay attention to the news, you will realise that the lockdown will not be lifted completely any time soon. And even when it is lifted, there are slim chances of things going back to the way they were. At least for a year from now, we can expect several restrictions to be imposed on the movement of the public to ensure safety.

If you read between the lines here, and connect some dots, you would see that the new norm of doing business would be through online sales. Yes, consumers are already preferring e-commerce websites over traditional shops during the lockdown for their needs. But can a product as huge as a real estate property be sold online? With Sell.Do real estate CRM software, definitely!

Right from project enquiries to closing deals, Sell.Do can help you effectively move your entire business online. This infographic will help you understand easily how your business will function with Sell.Do:

Lead Generation

When leads see your ads online and register, Sell.Do's lead tracking feature will automatically collect information from all platforms and send them to your sales or pre-sales teams.

Video Presentation & Virtual Tour

As soon as a sales executive is assigned a lead on Sell.Do, they will be able to interact with the interested homebuyer via video conferencing and Slideshare. Depending on the interest of the homebuyer, a virtual site visit could be shown further.

Online Inventory Details

Sell.Do comes with India’s first ever online property sales portal, which will allow homebuyers to see your inventory availability and unit details in real-time.

Virtual Negotiations

When a lead finalises your property, your sales executives will be able to do live negotiations, discuss loan requirements and other details via video conferencing.

One-click Property Booking

Sell.Do’s online sales platform will allow your customers submit documents online, and book or cancel their home in just one click!

Online Payments

Your customers will be able to complete payments through completely secure payment channels.

Post-sales Management

After a customer books a property, you will be able to easily send payment reminders, possession updates and other information through automated emails and SMS.


With Sell.Do’s cutting-edge features, you will be able to adapt to the new way of doing business without a hitch. Leading real estate developers like Mahindra Happinest and VTP realty have already benefited from Sell.Do, and now it could be you. You can watch their testimonials for your better understanding:

Sooner or later, all businesses will have to adapt to new methods of selling to stay afloat. And when it is going to come to that eventually, why not be wise and choose the best CRM for real estate as early as possible?

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