Challenges Faced While Taking Real Estate Business Online

Marketing   |   Updated on: 11 June 2024

The recent pandemic has brought forth the practical benefits of digital transformation in the Real Estate industry. The modern-day Real Estate Sector is changing rapidly due to the adoption of digital solutions with the automation of multiple business operations. Developers who made the transition have been able to maintain steady sales despite the lockdowns.


While it's pretty clear that digital transformation isn’t just a choice but a necessity, we also need to look at the other side of the coin - that of the challenges faced in the process of digital transformation.

Challenges in Real Estate Industry in Digital Transformation:

  1. Missing long-term vision:

    Most Developers in the Real Estate Industry expect digital transformation to deliver results immediately. One has to understand that digital transformation, despite choosing the right set of tools and solutions, takes some time to get used to and used properly to yield noticeable results. Developers have to take this into consideration and plan out a roadmap for success.

  2. Budgetary Issues:

    Real Estate Developers assume digitization to be a costly affair. They may not realize the ROI this investment can assure. Many organizations fail to find affordable digital and integrated solutions to help them can transform their business operations.

  3. Motivation Level of the Employees:

    In most organizations, the workforce might be reluctant to make changes to their daily working. Lower employee morale and apprehensions of losing their jobs are among the most significant challenges in the Real Estate industry because of digital transformation. Employees need to be made a part of the process to ensure that digital transformation is not a threat to their jobs. Moreover, motivating employees to embrace the positive switch and convincing them that the change would ease down their work is crucial.

  4. Dilemma About Technology:

    Effective and efficient digital transformation requires appropriate software solutions and skillset. Drawing a multi-dimensional strategy considering all facets of the business is a challenge too.

    People often go for a one-size-fits-all software that’s probably not suitable for their organization. Rather, you can identify the need and the areas where digital transformation has to be implemented. Looking for the right technology team and integrated solution that offer channel partner integrations as well can be customized to suit your process.

  5. Skill Development & Training:

    Most organizations find that despite digital transformation, their workforce still doesn't use it at capacity. Encouraging employees to accept the change whole-heartedly is a process in itself.

    Organize training programs in conjunction with the technology partner to help them adopt to change better. Training from industry experts allows your employees to experience the transformation and benefits fully.

The Bottom Line

Deploying Sell.Do, winner of the best PropTech Real estate CRM in the industry, can be an effective step towards resolving these digitization challenges in the Real Estate industry.

Sell.Do is a technology enabler that offers integrated & user-friendly digital solutions to help automate sales and marketing functions. Furthermore, Sell.Do can effectively enable you to implement safe and fully-digital Real Estate online selling.

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