Importance of Sales Automation in Real Estate Business

Sales   |   Updated on: 19 January 2024

Prior to the global pandemic, despite a drastic revolution brought to various sectors in line with the technological and digital presence, real estate was one sector that was quite reluctant on a digital approach. Erstwhile, the industry was used to dealing with paper-based processes and spreadsheets that incurred numerous human-based errors. The same continued until the pandemic hit, and every real estate business was suddenly forced to deploy digital methods to run their operations efficiently.

The circumstances shined a light onto Prop-Tech solutions and, most importantly, the need for real estate CRM software solutions to run digital processes. Sales Automation came out to be one of the essential features of streamlining and automating tasks.

In this blog, we will see how the feature of Sales Automation streamlines and automates sales processes and how beneficial it is for real estate businesses.

  1. Lead Scoring for recognizing your potential customers:

    Lead Scoring for recognizing your potential customers

    Sales Automation helps to use filter criteria to dissect the potential customers based on region, property type, income, age, type of amenities, and agent availability and then allocate them to various agents. It helps to implement lead scoring to qualify leads by gauging the prospects' interests, expectations, and background. This scoring helps identify the lead’s intention and accelerates the deal closure.

    Lead scoring empowers a salesperson to:

    • Follow up with prospects effectively
    • Nurture leads as per their sentiment
    • Set up autoresponders for communication
    • Optimize sales cycle as per requirements

    Furthermore, features like virtual tours, for instance, can help prospective buyers get a first-hand live view of the property from anywhere, right on their computer screens.

  2. Understanding customer sentiment through generated data:

    Understanding customer sentiment through generated data

    A robust sales automation tool for real estate goes a step ahead in:

    • Gathering relevant statistics about the customers through interactions with them via email marketing and other tools.
    • Figuring out the needs and wants of customers by engaging with the data collected from social media sites and other relevant information.
    • Offer data insights to segregate and shortlist the different customer requirements, based on which the sales department approaches the interested buyers so that they can be converted into clients.
  3. Maintaining a sustainable relationship with customers:

    Maintaining a sustainable relationship with customers

    Initial connections with the customers matter a lot, so the importance of sales automation software is inevitable here. It helps extract data from lead magnets and sales funnels and build a relationship with customers.

    A CRM empowers salespeople to have:

    • A list of itineraries and activities to follow systematically
    • Shortlist, segregate and map the leads
    • A robust call center team to sustain relationships

    Moreover, Sales Automation will help streamline these connections to customers by sending automated emails, reminders, and follow-ups to remind clients that they are an essential part of their journey.

  4. Consolidated operations to achieve unmatched accuracy & efficiency:

    Manual management of activities always includes some amount of fear leading to missing small details, which could jeopardize the sales team's efforts by losing a positive lead to the competitor. With a well-organized sales automation solution, it becomes a cakewalk to manage activities by the sales team.


    A good sales automation CRM helps by:

    • Centralizing the whole system and keeping records in one place.
    • Having a dashboard for a bird's eye view to keep all details right in front of your eyes on the screen, with different headers in a single CRM software.
    • Running through analytics and extracting insights to get all possible information on interested clients so that they can be capitalized into definite sales.
    • Optimizing, re-adjusting, and reassessing processes that enable complete accuracy and efficiency of the sales team towards their pre-designed action plan.
  5. Automated, simplified reporting for making informed decisions:

    Another vital role that real estate CRM software plays in sales automation is generating automated, simplified reporting by the sales team. Data generated from operational processes is collated to identify the performance of salespersons. This insightful data helps in:

    • Reporting to managers with clear transparency, which bridges the gap between actual operations and perceived results.
    • Generating automated emails and reports that help analyze and channel performance, rate of absorption, and much more.
    • Saving time & resources eliminates the use of Excel and Google sheets for reporting purposes that are too time-consuming and error-prone.
    • Extracting insights from reports for optimization, which in turn helps in strategic planning and decision making.


With the pace at which the real estate sector is growing, the rate of competition has compelled realtors and businesses to create an error-free automated management system for all their operations, including sales, marketing, reporting, etc., so that there is no room for errors and loopholes.

This complete management can be translated to one part of real estate operations, including Sales automation that leads to understanding customers better, sending them the right information at the right time, maintaining a healthy relationship with them which would prove fruitful in the long run, and learning from analytics and automated reporting as to where you need to improve and invest more in regard to your time and efforts.

So, if you are into the real estate business and aim to make your business operations more systematic, organized and beneficial, you need to invest in an all-in-one real estate CRM software solution like Sell.Do, which is India's only complete end-to-end real estate CRM that offers robust sales automation features for businesses to gain maximum ROI.

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