4 Pre-Sales Tips To Boost Sales Of Premium Properties

Sales   |   Updated on: 10 January 2024

The pre-sales process in Real Estate is a crucial one for every developer. The process involves activities like thorough research of verticals like pricing, demand, the working site, and others. Basically, all things that can make the pre-sale a success.


Pre-sales in Real Estate sales help buyers be confident in their decisions and create trust between them and developers even via digital mediums of communication. Real Estate CRM software is a great tool to boost control and implement pre-sales more efficiently.

Here are 4 best Real Estate pre-sales tips to help increase sales-

  1. Build a Story

    Build a Story

    Humans are emotional, so create a good story around the project to grab your buyer’s attention. Focus on digital marketing, conducting and participating in multiple events, which will help gain attention and eventually increase your chances of sales.

    Don't just give the buyers a reason to purchase the property but connect emotionally with them. Make them feel how amazing your project is through good storytelling. To create a full-fledged marketing plan and execute it on multiple platforms via multiple media, you can use the marketing automation feature in a Real Estate CRM software for better results.

  2. Keep Your Consumers In Mind When Defining the Process

    Keep Your Consumers In Mind When Defining the Process

    When the construction project is in the development stage, it is of utmost importance to meet consumer expectations. The design of your project is an important aspect of the pre-sales phase. It needs to be able to impress your buyers. So, when a project is being designed, focus on what kind of consumers you are attracting, their expectations, and what they require according to the location’s geographical environment. To imbibe all the information in one place for use during pre-sales, you can use one of the sales CRM features. It will optimise and keep your data in one place.

  3. Showcase a Finished Version of the Property

    Showcase a Finished Version of the Property

    For the buyer to purchase the property, they always want to see how the property will look like. So you have to focus on designing digital models that you showcase better .

    Moreover, to convert your prospects into buyers, you have to provide them with clear and precise visuals & information of the final product. Customers may get excited when you offer them customisation options,. You can showcase your properties with the help of Sell.Do Real Estate sales CRM software.

  4. Create A Sense of Urgency

    Create A Sense of Urgency

    To create urgency doesn't mean you have to fake it and lure the buyers into quick decision-making. You just have to communicate why they should buy the property, and why your property is a better option than the rest. Marketing of the property can be done with sales CRM features like marketing automation to achieve better lead generation.

    You can create a genuine hype about your project by giving special offers, discounts and benefits on pre-sale purchases. This would be great in adopting a FOMO (fear of missing out) strategy as the buyer would be compelled to take advantage of the offer.

  5. Conclusion

    The main motive for all Real Estate Developers is to tell the importance of the property through pre-sales and sales. The pre-sales journey in the process will help you reach out to audiences better with the help of digital marketing and online sales, enabled with the help of India’s best Real Estate sales CRM software - Sell.Do.



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