5 Tips To Close Real Estate Leads Faster

Sales   |   Updated on: 18 January 2024

Since purchasing property is a high price, long term decision, closing leads is a slow process. Hence, brokers and realty developers are searching for innovative ways to close leads faster.

With India’s internet audience growing at an incredible pace, the digital market is expected to be the next gold mine for property developers. Facebook and Google, with their millions of users, have become the prime source of Real Estate lead generation. While agents know how to get more Real Estate leads through the web, they still have not been able to crack the process of successfully closing them, compared to offline leads. Thus, it’s the need of the hour for them to understand the importance of lead nurturing to thrive in the online ecosystem.


Real Estate lead nurturing refers to forming a strong relationship with your customers so that they choose your Real Estate deals whenever they decide to buy. In today’s age, qualified lead generation is ruled by digital marketing playbooks. Developers have employed Real Estate CRM software to save and manage details of various prospects. This data can be used to provide insights on these potential clients, helping to improve business value and the brand image along the way.

Here are 5 effective tips for Real Estate lead nurturing:

  1. Drip marketing

    With pre-made and ready-to-go Real Estate email templates, various types of emails can be created and sent in an automated manner through a CRM lead management system.

  2. A/B testing

    Impediments in search filters, contact forms, and the location of elements on the listing page are the primary reasons why your site visitors may not be converting to paying customers. A/B testing allows you to assess two variations of a landing page and find out which will be more effective in Real Estate lead nurturing.

  3. Set email timelines

    Writing effective emails can help capture a prospect’s attention and increase the chances of them signing the dotted line. Through a CRM lead management system, agents can get real-time alerts whenever a potential client has clicked the link. They can then follow up with the prospect and provide additional information if required.

  4. Automated SMS/email

    If you have sent an email to potential homebuyers but didn’t get a response, you can send an SMS with the same details. Often people don’t read their mails, so sending SMS will be useful as it is a more responsive and engaging medium that helps close deals faster.

  5. Customer segmentation and creating a buyer persona

    Understanding your target audience and categorising them into different segments helps developers in nurturing leads better. Once the target market is defined, developers can focus on creating buyer personas. The information gathered through this process helps businesses to understand a customer’s preferences better and guides them in forming better marketing strategies.


The transition from offline to online can be challenging for Real Estate developers. If you are one such business and aren’t sure how to overcome this challenge, contact Sell.Do. We are one of the leading Real Estate CRM software providers, helping developers to manage their leads effectively. Our state-of-the-art CRM software can help you follow up with your leads, automate emails and messages, gather information for developing buyer personas and help with the overall lead nurturing process.

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