Tips For Running A Remote Call Centre For Real Estate Sales

Sales   |   Updated on: 19 January 2024

In Real Estate, it is a hard fact that conversions do not happen without personal interactions. Since the value of properties is high, human touch helps to provide the needed confidence to homebuyers. This is why, no matter how you capture a lead, your sales team member must contact them at the earliest.

‘At the earliest’ needs to be given special attention here. With prompt replies, you not only talk to the lead when their interest is at its peak but also impress them with quick service. Having a call centre setup at your office can help you do this effectively.


By call centre, we do not mean a separate office with a workforce. It can simply be a few dedicated employees, whose job is to answer incoming calls, call the leads captured from various sources, qualify leads, and provide after-sales service. Now, do not let yourself be puzzled over incorporating a new process. We are sharing some tips below that will help you get going with ease.

  1. Equip your team with the right tools

    What do call centre executives require? Just a phone for calls and a computer to store data, right? Wrong! This is the uninformed way of operating call centres.

    To help employees work conveniently and improve their productivity, you can equip them with niche tools.

    For example, a Real Estate CRM software which has in-built cloud telephony features. Such a tech solution will make their lives much easier by providing them with real-time data, appointment scheduling and much more.

  2. Acquire virtual phone numbers

    Customers often mark business numbers as spam and even block them on phone number tracking apps. Due to which, such numbers may get ignored by other customers. Virtual numbers prevent this from happening as the call is placed from a different number always. Again, Real Estate CRM software can be beneficial here as it comes with this feature.

  3. Enable call routing

    If a call centre executive is unavailable at a particular moment, you risk losing out on incoming calls. With call routing, this risk is avoided as the call gets transferred randomly to an available executive. But a normal setup cannot enable this. You would need Real Estate CRM software.

  4. IVR integration

    Not all incoming calls on your numbers are enquiries. Having an IVR integration will help you save your executives’ time and divert calls to the right person.

  5. Monitor data

    You need to know how your executives are interacting with your leads to improve their performance whenever needed. For that, you will need access to data. A CRM software can let you see in-depth data through various metrics like call tracking, average response time, and average call duration among others.

Having a call centre setup can help you improve your pre-sales experience. Moreover, call centre setups have become especially important in times of COVID. When most interactions happen virtually, it is important to have the right tools by your side to engage with customers in the best manner.

Sell.Do, the best CRM for Real Estate, comes with dedicated call centre features. Along with all the ones mentioned above, it offers you many others to improve productivity and performance. To know more, you can visit our website. 

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Siddharth posted over 3 years ago

Rightly establishes the importance of having a dedicated call center process.

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Chinmayi Paranjape posted over 3 years ago

Besides the cloud telephony feature, are there any other tools or features that would help set up a remote call center?

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Yes. Sell.Do facilitates a complete remote call center setup, that can be easily integrated with your workflows and processes. For more info on pricing, you can visit - over 3 years ago

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